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Obama Trump: what we still can

Stories and News No. 943

On the tops of the kingdom with complicated power and unspeakable weapons, boundless instruments and blinding lights, but mostly shadows, a sovereign succeeds another.
Obama leaves what Trump takes.
Yes we can, the former said at the very beginning, or we might say ‘It could work’ as Young Frankenstein screams in the movie parody by the late Gene Wilder. And we did it, his farewell recites.
What the latter will do is yet to be seen.
Nevertheless, when the kings change, the most surprising reactions can be observed between the lives of the most unexpected creatures...

"It's useless, Dad," says the little ant, redundant clarification, but useful to the task.

"What are you talking about?" asks the big ant, sort of misleading oxymoron, if you have fussiness on size matters.
"I’m talking about these leaves, dad, which we insist in filling the provisions room with. And please, don’t start with that Cicada’s story, I'm sick of it..."
"Son, time passes, bees are pollinating, dung beetles stinking, dragonflies dragonflying, but I still don’t understand you ..."
"Dragonflying? Me too I don’t get... anyway, you don’t understand me because you don’t follow the news: you don’t browse…"
"Well, here we go again, another crazy idea of yours. Last week, after watching that superhero movie, you started a desperate search of some radioactive source to... as you said? Oh, yes, to change. Now you want to browse? And what? Will you change into a speedboat?"
"Daddy, if a guy becomes Ant Man, I could turn me into a Human Ant, can’t you see the benefits? Think of how many leaves I will bring in the form of a presumptuous bipedal creature. However, I didn’t mean that. I was talking about Web.."
"Son, how many times do I have to tell you not to talk about him?"
"But I'm not talking about the spide…"
"Son, we do not pronounce his name!"
"All right, but I didn’t mean You-know-who-sews-traps..."
"And eats-you-well-with-it, say it all."
"I’ve got it, but I'm not referring to him when I talk about web, but the internet."
"Human deviltry? I feel worse. "
"No, Dad, you may learn a lot of things, there. We must be informed of what is happening above our heads, to rectify them before it’s too late. "
"What would have happened? Please, tell me"
"What would have happened? Dad... the most powerful human colony in the world has elected a new king."
"So? Daddy, the new one is a dangerous creature. "
"Who cares about us? We're not human. "
"Really? Do you think that if the unconscious biped creatures will bring us to the early ice age we won’t die us well? "
"For that matter, we’ll die even if we’ll end the supplies, so save your breath and let's hurry to return, the day is still long.
"But Dad, you don’t see the point..."
"No, son, you don’t."
"Listen, as our queens, human kings change, they have always done and it will happen again. There will be the good and the bad one, the corrupt and then the weak leader, the warmongering and the mafia ruler, so the sadistic and yes, that too dangerous one. "
"What do you mean by that? The rest of us are just ants and we have to watch helplessly the biped megalomaniac creatures? "
"None of this. We're not watching helplessly at all. To be precise, we are bringing food to survive. "
"So this is our only aim? Survive?"
"Son, to many of us, this is the only possible life. But each moment that awaits us we can do something."
"We can do everything, each day, better than the last one, so that all the kings will pass and earth will return into the hands of those who struggle and resist."

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