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Stories about life in Italy: Snow in Rome 2017

Stories and News No. 944

Ladies and gentlemen,
Here comes the snow, icy gift from the sky.
Merely the latter, for those who see everything and who are content to fill the eyes with natural divinities.

No, it’s not snowing right now. Not yet, anyway. No news to bait clicks and leave behind irritation and disappointment.
It’s just a story of expectation and fear.
Yes, it's a classic among the most anxious preludes.
Snow is this too.
A dream to hold in your hands, to create other snowy dreams.
At the same time, at worst, it’s death sleeping for the homeless.
If you think about it, it’s a banal paradox among the most common ones.
What is paradise for some, probably few, it’s the inverse for all the others. The two halves of a wrong world, but only if you look it from the true side.
And if you try to put things right, here you find yourself marching in the wrong direction.
No, it's not easy.
Snow is not a plausible event where it rarely is.
As well as the arrival of rain in the lands burned by the resignation of dying souls and larceny by villains disguised as free nations.
However, this is all well known. Throwing eyes among the smallest you'll find who didn’t give up and expect the normal miracle.
So, if snow should come, let the tears of the world to become soft and heavy as often happens, but let them be the same for everyone.
To cover and freeze all, without discrimination.
My candid queen, wrap the eyes of those who see only what they want to see.
And it's always something to hate.
Paralyze the hands that are about to hit a second before the unforgivable gesture.
And do the same with the incomprehensible inhumanity that pushed that far.
Cover me, too, while you're at.
And help me to chill sad memories, so that I can get rid of them as they did not see.
Freeze the citizen and the one who maybe never will, now, in the same framework.
And with your perfect liner reconcile their sleep on this night.
Maybe it might bring a good advice for both.
Upholster defenseless souls at the mercy of these cruel times, hide them where no one can find and, with a bit of revenge, make shivering once and for all who feed belly and guts selling fears.
Make us all equal, all white, but really, since except ghosts and the sheets adorning them, no one has ever been so.
And while we are so confused together in a giant cream ball, show the colorful world that we ignore below, inside.
Please, dear dream, last as long as necessary.
Beloved story, be alive until the worthy end.
And you, my sweet snow, be just yourself.
Because when you will dissolve and disappear, as each time a story comes to an end, some will go with you.
But others, maybe a few, every time they’ll remember this crazy day they will experience warmth and nostalgia for what has been.
And what might still be...

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