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Trump torture works

Stories and News No. 949

The US president has made his first TV interview. He said that torture absolutely works and his country should fight fire with fire...

Once upon a time there was a game.
One of those role-playing competitions, so fashionable nowadays.

It always had so many names and, as much as every game, there are those who are having fun, those who are just watching and those who aren’t enjoy at all.
It’s a role playing, I just told this, but I have not added that you need cards.
The main one has also various names, but now it's called Trump, a kind of joker.
Then there are the victims cards, the accomplices cards, the passive cards and the resistant ones.
The number of players are unlimited and that is not a good thing, because the product is popular, but not so educational, let's face it.
It might be better doing something else, but this is what it is, as they said.
Returning to the content of the package, in addition to the cards there is the usual board game. You may just use it as a background, you know? You can see the world, all continents, with cities and rivers, seas and mountains, to remember where you are.
And what you are playing with…
Indeed, there is also a rotating arrow, that each turn can point to a different player.
The first step is simple: you should mix the cards and distribute them.
As I said, that the most important one is the Trump card. If you got it, your role will be to rule the game and it’s easy, believe me, even a child could. A particular one, of course, but let's not quibble, gosh.
First of all you have the task to turn the arrow.
If it pointed an accomplice card, you can tell the player all the crazy promises you want, inventing the greatest lies in the world.
In return you will earn power points.
No one knows what the other one gains, not to mention the latter.
If the arrow pointed to a resistant card, you can steal to your opponent, the only truly one, the so-called freedom points.
Many people say to ignore what he missed, but the latter knows, believe me.
If, then, that the arrow pointed a passive card, you can deprive the corresponding player either freedom or power points.
Everyone knows what he loses, except the latter.
Finally, when the arrow pointed a victim card, you can do to the owner everything might please you.
You can insult and mock him, humiliate and even getting him out of the game, making him back a moment later, but only to start again making fun of him.
Now I realize that a fundamental question is echoing in your brain.
Who wins this game?
Almost nobody, I'm sorry.
You know, this game is like a kind of torture, where all lose but one and it works.
It’s working even now, it never stops.
That's why these horrible games, inhuman practices of our miserable species, must be absolutely be stopped, blown immediately out with no ifs and buts.
Like water does with fire…

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