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Child labor stories 2017: the monster's legs

Stories and News No. 962

The mica is one of the most common minerals on a global level, of great value for its ability to reflect and refract light and is used in a multitude of products and industries. About a quarter of the mica in the world is extracted in the poorest areas of India by at least 20,000 children working every day in the mines.
Some of the biggest suppliers of car paint have recently joined a global initiative to eliminate child labor in the mica industry, thanks to an investigation by The Guardian.
Unfortunately today, despite using the paint produced by the above vendors, all automotive brands including Volkswagen, BMW and Vauxhall (General Motors) have refused to join.
This is just a story.
Or a fairy tale...

Once upon a time there was a monster.
A terrible monster, so terrifying and invincible at

the same time that now no one dared to face it with a loud voice in the public square.
So big and powerful to get the most important victories on the world.
The habit.
When the monsters become normal characters, like every others, as an essential part of the image, everyone feels entitled to enter the frame.
Saying and doing mostly everything goes on in their head or belly.
One day, some of the most undervalued creatures on earth, decided to raise their heads.
Negligible event, in fact, thinking about their height.
“Let's stop the monster,” the leader shouted.
“Yes, let's do it,” yelled back his friend of a lifetime.
yelled another one awakening at that moment by a nice dream, but still happy to be on board.
You know, it doesn’t happen every day to lift your head down there, and when it occurs you don’t want to be the one who will listen this: you don’t know what you missed.
“How do we stop the monster?” Rightly asked the most practical among them.
“Simple,” replied the leader and with inspired voice launched himself into a charismatic, long prepared
“Let’s cut the legs’ monster, let’s truncate those columns that hold up its hideous figure, let’s throw away those rotten and cruel limbs, those wrong knees, those smelly kneecaps and those ugly shins...
“Please, get to the point,” asked one of the many, as far as he shared all the antipathy for the sadistic creature.
“I said, let’s cut all the legs of the monster, which allow it to walk on our lives and our homes, trampling our present and erasing our future.”
“All the legs?” Asked another one, with obvious skepticism in his voice.
Now, what is not said in the beginning - I apologize for this, we’re speaking of a thousand-legged monster, here.
However, the leader had studied well and his reply was swift.
“Here's my plan: we convince the legs to break away from it.”
At first there was some derisive chuckle and no confidence in the absurd idea, but he didn’t lose his heart. He knew that to be followed in his utopic enterprise there was no other way to take the first step.
The first leg was convinced by him and the chain reaction was like a Mexican wave of defectors limbs, one after another deterred from the horrible task of serving the evil being.
The most surprising thing for the little rebels was discovering that the legs were just waiting for someone to invite them to free themselves.
However, the unexpected part was waiting for them on the last fragment of the story.
The last leg was ready to abandon the monster and so it did.
The little creatures cheered with joy and began to sing and dance, to make the party worthy of such great victory.
Nevertheless, a nasty roar rose in the sky behind them.
They turned and saw the monster still there, determined to continue ruining their lives.
They realized that the legs were not the ones keeping it alive.
But all those who, consciously or unconsciously, are feeding it…

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