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Diversity stories: Freedom of expression explained

Stories and News No. 951

In times of Fake News, Post-Truth and Pre-Lies, alleged right to insult and commentators professionals, Stories and News could not remain indifferent to the clash.
Indeed, let's say that the following is an attempt to stay out of it...

We are in the future, ladies and gentlemen.
Here, now, on this page.
Well, I remember that in other times we used to

begin a story in very different ways: once upon a time, for example, a long time ago and even in a far, far away kingdom, and so on.
We people of tomorrow start saying... we are in the future, ladies and gentlemen.
We do this to remind us that, luckily, we are no longer in the past.
With all due respect, but now things are very different, and if you knew how little would be enough to... but I don’t want and cannot say anything, forgive me, or we might tangle the time stream and we could disappear.
That’s my never defeated childish terror.
My mother always told something like that to warn me: Eat everything, otherwise I’ll change your past and you’ll disappear.
Once she was going to do it seriously with Dad, when she discovered that cheated on her, but then she realized that I would follow the same fate, and then chose to make us disappear both in the traditional way and they divorced.
I said, we are in the future, ladies and gentlemen, but sorry, the story I'm going to tell you shows that the people of the next world still have to learn.
On the other hand, although we have made true giant steps about racial discrimination and relationship with diversity, no one could have predicted what would happen after the arrival of him, the very first extraterrestrial landed on our planet.
Before you’ll start to paint in your archaic brain the usual image, with the metallic gray ship that emerges between the clouds and silhouetted in the sky over a city at random – but it must be in the US, with the usual tall alien with the big skinned head, almond eyes and large hands outstretched on you, stop immediately.
The first one will land, or precipitate in Karakorum, Mongolia, with a really poor spacecraft, a straw yellow one that calls to mind the typical dilute urine color.
Excuse the perhaps inappropriate similarity, but my job is to mainly cure incontinent robots. Such a nasty problem, believe me, they got quickly a short circuit, a true pain in the ass, I assure that.
Anyway, the pioneer among the visitors from the stars will be very different from literary and cinematic cousins, I tell you that.
A small, obese and dark-skinned creature, even more than the night, with a multiple and moreover confused sexuality, undocumented and without log book, devoted to the divine interstellar dust, with obvious signs of mental imbalance but nice, I have to say that.
I’ll go on speak in the present tense, now, to give you a more realistic explanation of the facts: characteristic of his species, the guy seems to smile with eyes and mouth, but also ears, nose, hair, hands and elbows, hips and heels, because they express emotions with every single part of the body.
Now, in his particular case, at the time of the impact he has been victim of a stroke and the happy paralysis is just one of the consequences, but the result doesn’t change, that is the effect that his glad face has on me.
However, as I said, even there, beyond the limits of your calendars, we have yet to take steps forward to build a completely modern society.
In fact, as soon as the alien's images are spread everywhere, wherever people may express their views, we start to read an impressive and disturbing number of offenses and verbal abuse against the newcomer, especially about his physical appearance, his religious beliefs and his private preferences, inviting him to return to his planet, and I quote.
The alien is aware of the unpleasant remarks against him and an ambassador in charge of welcoming reminds him that, being a very evolved extraterrestrial - as many science fiction movies and stories show, he should understand the consequences of freedom of expression.
The creature, very puzzled, frowns and stops smiling, healing instantly from paresis. We then learned that  a strong doubt is one of the most successful remedies in cases of stroke
for his race.
Then he begins to say no moving his head, as if to say I do not understand. Or maybe, you’re wrong, human, I don’t know.
Translating the essence of the message, he replies to perfectly know what freedom of expression is, particularly the latter. He adds that even on his planet inhabitants express themselves in billions of ways and everyone has the right to do so in every place.
However, he needs to point out of having no idea how it works for us, but when someone pulls down his pants, freeing intestines from the personal organic waste and instead facilitating the disposal in a silent and hopefully odorless way, he prefers to throw them on others, it’s absolutely not to be considered a form of expression.
Even less free...

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