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Horror movies 2017: and the winner is...

Stories and News No. 952

Following the election and especially the settlement on the most powerful chair in the world of the Crimson King - for those who have read Dark Tower series - many increasingly disturbing reports come from the now former Land of Opportunity, just renamed as the Country the Great Walls.
Among the most recent, the possible sending of troops to Mexico, the likely dismantling of the Environmental Protection Agency and the latest chapter in the Crusade against the Refugees.
Old story, right? The big screen is visible to everyone, main actors and supporting ones are in the middle of the scene, music and lights create tension and suspense and the global film comes alive.
A horror movie.
However, as it has always been and always will be.
The spectators will decreed its success...

Come on, let's sit down, it’s about to begin.
Actually, no, we arrived late, it's already dark.
Let’s find a seat, then, hoping not to have lost anything fundamental.
“Shut up,” says someone behind us and he is right, after all.
He paid the ticket, he wants to see how it ends.
If the monster will win or the victim, just at the end, will survive.

Look, the creature approaches, opens the mouth and drools of unspeakable anger.
They are pure evil lakes, those which the cold eyes are floating in.
And the victim, well, it's already seen stuff.
Think about it, the monsters are different each time, in the mask as in the voice.
But the sacrificed lives to satisfy the irrepressible, human need to exorcise violence and repressed hatred, have always the same expression.
Of terror, of course, but also often of noble and proud resignation.
“We will do our part,” they seem to think before succumbing, “as long as you do yours.”
“But what is ours?” I wonder.
“Silence,” still repeats someone in back seats.
He's right, but it's stronger than me.
I want to not only watch the movie, I also want to understand it.
So I try to answer the above question, I turn and look.
Those who sat watching the whole story, frame by frame, convinced by the artificial darkness and digital effects, to be something more than mere witnesses.
As if the bitterness of the infamous creature and the suffering of the martyr were really ours.
As if the fear of the movie was real.
And then I find the spectacle that lies between stalls and gallery.
Those with wide eyes and pounding heart, and those who regularly bring hands over the face, but never completely, those who try to alleviate anxiety with popcorn and those who do the same, but with the nails, the ones falsely laughing to appear indifferent and those who are really so, but pretend tremor and panic, those who enjoy feeding on strong emotions and those who are just waiting for the two dimensions deaths to choke it in the chest. It, yes, the ineffable fear.
Careful, now, let's get ready to leave.
It’s about to end.
We arrived in time to see who will have won.
Among the monster or the victim.
And this time, with the end credits on, the gloomy theme song in the ears and the light that comes back in the room, whatever will be the final outcome, we’ll feel the usual relief.
Saying to each other that we were not the ones who kill or die...

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