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Immigrants stories 2017: what color are they?

Stories and News No. 960

The bodies of at least 74 people, believed to be migrants, were found on the Libyan coast after umpteenth tragedy at sea for people fleeing to Europe to escape war and poverty.
As usually, the dead were covered, as much we do with bulky stories, unless the tale or the characters decide to unsettle the readers...

Once upon a time there was a news.
It came forward timidly, as it had happened earlier.

Nothing new, when the race is usually won by arrogance and utilities.
It's normal that the creatures stripped by fate, so with no wallet, are falling behind.
Nevertheless, we all get at the end of the race.
What happens after can change everything, even the order on the winners podium.
There are 74 dead bodies on the beach, the press agency said.
Nevertheless, she said nothing more.
What beach? The first curious guy asked.
It's important? Replied another one.
In fact, admitted the other.
They’re migrants, said the expert.
Are they? Asked her directly.
We don’t know, she said.
Why? Someone asked on behalf of all others.
Because we can’t understand it, the sad stories messenger explained.
Because it's damn sad, indeed, it’s also horrible, it’s a terrifying and unacceptable thing to happen, like any useless sacrifice of creatures in the middle of life.
Here we say it and we come back no more.
What do you mean you don’t understand? It was the inevitable, following question.
If they are blacks, they are migrants, explained the one obsessed with fundamental skin tones.
Brown, if we must say it, a pickier colleague pointed out.
No brown, cleared the altercation the agency.
What color are they? Many sang a cappella.
That’s not clear, said the fatal emissary.
What do you mean that’s not clear? The subsequent and monotonous question.
They show a never seen before color, said the agency.
An confused and even slightly agitated silence invaded the scene.
Aliens? Guessed one of those with a head perpetually raised to the stars, poorly concealing a growing excitement.
Now we’ve got also migrants from Mars, the joke of the moment.
Let’s build a large wall around earth orbit, the proposal of the most expulsive man among those present, mistakenly taken for a joke.
They are human, she said.
How can you tell? Asked the polemical one.
Because they tried to survive certain death, because they have not surrendered to fate, however cruel and unjust it was, because they decided to risk everything, just to cling to their existence, because they have chosen the only possible way, because they trusted the sea and their courage, because they have sought help from their peers, because they certainly have rejoiced at the earth view and certainly some of them cried or just yelled inside, of pain and anger, for the bitter outcome as much the beginning of their story, because they died indulging on the planet they loved anyway, because despite far from their home, earth receives and doesn’t reject, embraces and doesn’t judge, because like humans they are dead.
Under the eyes of other humans…

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