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Stories about environment: one of us trees

Stories and News No. 958

In Cambodia the timber tycoons, working with local officials, are seriously undermining the survival of the Prey Lang’s forest.
In defense of the latter there is Leng Ouch, who reveals to fear for his life and his loved ones, but that does not stop him.
Because Leng is one of them...

In Cambodia there are trees.
In Cambodia there are crazy trees.

Because it’s so everywhere, if you think about it.
If you think about it carefully, nowadays you are really crazy to choose to be born tree, in this world.
Also river or lake would be would as much risky choices, if not masochistic.
But you know how vulnerable minds are, ready to be crossed by every living thing desired, with a tirelessly heart, which makes it noteworthy of a story.
So, where the trees lost their mind to think of being the center of the universe, they themselves narrate tales and dreams.
To see everything and everyone as souls composed of plant and root.
Still only at birth and death.
Now, imagine the traditional version, the sacrificial victim of your kingdom.
Read as well as the illusion from the human point of view.
Well, those that over time you have learned to simply call trees, are just witnesses, silent spectators, those that have not yet learned to run and shout.
But this doesn’t mean they didn’t breath and move towards the horizon which all, trees or not, are going to.
This doesn’t stop them to watch and listen the admirable life.
Of a tree, of course.
Because I said at the very beginning, madness is the key, the most obstinate form of it, let's face it, the only one that really had the chance to bring down the castle of the evil.
Here it is, the protagonist of their bizarre visions.
One of them… or us, it always depends on which way you read the story.
An extraordinary tree with eyes and ears, touch and taste, and all his special senses devoted to the care of a crucial planet.
That is, the only one we have.
The only one we really are from.
A tree that is willing to lose sap and oxygen, light and future for his fellow people, the much underrated terrestrial beings.
A type of tree that reveals the error at the end, the naive mistake of green creatures.
I am one of you, he says with words and especially gestures.
Because, for you, I would give myself.
And because I know that without you, myself would not be here anymore.
who are cursed, they're only human

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