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Stories about women's rights in Spain

Stories and News No. 957

These days the city of Madrid has decided to commemorate a lost generation of women among writers, artists, scientists and thinkers silenced by Francisco Franco’s government.
This is an all-female story...

A story of phrases and words, like all others, that’s clear.
But where nothing is left to chance.

Because when the genre seriously matters, or where it causes hate and repression, letters are all capital, vowels are loud and consonants bite.
The syntax shines light and the sense of the tale comes to life with female energy.
The same kind of each word, then.
That alone is worth the price of the strophe, never verse, within a song without the usual, useless chorus, to lift the spirits and cheer the easy ears.
The music is a result of a stubborn magic, no makeup and trump card, that just when it seems to completely die, it raises an eyebrow and looks at you.
From afar it scrutinizes you with female memory, the same kind of the same voice who wrote about joy and sorrow.
She is an elusive ballerina, the one who gives birth only to courage.
It seems you may touch her, there, on stage, besides the transparent screen of the days gone.
It seems real, even today.
And just when you convince yourself that the show is now finished, you see her embracing the love of her life and yours.
Indignation, she is her bride, inside the more banished wedding on earth between identical yet perfectly compatible genres.
The godly wrath par excellence, mother of all the healthy reactions to the destruction of human rights, at a time when the witness nature wept incredulous tears.
Nevertheless, peace will come.
Of course, sooner or later history will try to remedy it.
Yet she knew it.
With female patience she accepted the bitter time limits and its dictators, who with that naive and blind fury did everything to bend soul and heart.
So the stories and the words, letters and voices, indignation and more than ever the imagination of a genre of women.
That despite death, fortunately for everyone, today, right now, are still here...

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