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Animal stories: 300 whales killed in Japan

Stories and News No. 977

In Japan over three hundred whales were murdered during the yearly Antarctic hunt.
The whaling fleet has returned to port Friday after the extermination of mammals, implementing its program despite criticism from much of the world.

Once upon a time there was the courage.
To be one versus three hundred.
In a inevitably learn challenge.

Where the most impressive and worthy of awe and reverence is among the many.
And the most fragile and incomplete is alone.
He is incurably unaided, even if he chooses to be so in the midst of a universe of colours and shapes.
Yet an unexpected ending happens and he wins.
He usually does on everyone.
He triumphs, humiliating the opponent.
Extinguishing breaths and prospects.
However, the error lurks where you least expect it.
The beginning is a liar.
Because despite appearances, there is no trace of boldness in this story.
Then, once upon a time there was the strength.
To stand up and dive in the fight.
One against three hundred.
Where the muscles and the favor of sizes are in the many.
And the thinnest and most vulnerable is precisely that one.
Nevertheless he grinds his teeth and widens the contemptuous gaze on the opponents.
Sure of the victory.
Confident in the defeat of the contenders.
In fact, that is precisely the fight’s outcome.
Each creature of the pod cannot escape from it.
They fall, one after another, they fall.
However, the deception is even more subtle than the error.
It hides in a papier-mache pride.
Between the folds of chilling smiles on the faces of alleged warriors with smoke’s and delirium’s armor, while are pompously posing on the bloody prey.
As far as the winners will be celebrated coming back, the strength has never been their decisive advantage.
So, once upon a time there was the honour.
What thrusts the one to defy three hundred.
Where the knowledge of the former privilege only of the one.
And the limits of a simple and pragmatic mind are all in the hundred.
That’s why they do not understand the logic of the war.
That’s the reason why, maybe, they succumb without protesting.
As if it were normal.
Nevertheless, in spite of the numbers and the purely human manipulation, there is no honour in this tale.
There is even less courage and strength.
Otherwise, those three hundred and many others would sweep away that one as the craziest and most dangerous of mother nature’s typos.

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