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Environmental stories 2017: Water’s birthday

Stories and News No. 972

A recent UNICEF report states that climate change and conflicts are increasing risks for children living without enough water, and that the poorest among them will suffer more and more.
The NGO WaterAid asks international and national leaders to keep their promises of reaching the objectives of sustainable development, including ensuring free access to safe drinking water and sanitation

Once upon a time there was the Water’s Day.
I am talking her party, her birthday and name-day at the very same time.

Now the room is packed, everybody is there.
Or almost, as it often happens.
This is a particular lounge for special celebrations, as there are no walls and ceilings, electrical wiring and air spaces, various fixtures and other human devilries.
Because at the end of it, all would be a waste of time and time is not money, here.
It is much more, it is water.
Indeed, this is Water’s time.
It is now and perhaps it always has been, on the planet by the usurper name.
Earth was a mistake, H2O should be the right nickname.
The guests are all around her, or nearly so, and the anniversary’s Queen cries of joy, laughs not to suffer more, and dances and thanks.
“Happy birthday,” says a glass on behalf of its fellows, “because you filled my invisible soul.”
“Have a wonderful time, my friend,” exclaims a flower, “because as a generous and loving mother, you lift me up covering me with your love.
“Bless you,” praise together the green lawn and the barren land, the arid steppe and the inevitable red-hot desert, “because despite all differences decided by luck, rewarding us with your harmony, you make us as a unique, happy thing.
“Thank you, again and again thanks for your presence,” exclaim mountains and hills, ridges and volcanoes, valleys and more or less steep slopes, “because you merges us in a multi-faceted and interesting design as the worth of reading and living stories.
“We are debtors and we will be forever,” sing the seas and oceans, bound by rivers of gratitude and a still innocent lake of astonishment, even more vibrant that the very first day, in front of the liquid miracle that keeps on the game for everything and everyone .
“One hundred and a hundred more, a thousand and a thousand again, the whole universe time and also what was never discovered by the open eyes star counters,” recite the animals arriving at the court of the only sovereign that turns everyone in kings with a mere drop of her heart.
There was once the Water’s Day, I said earlier.
A birthday, but it is not really the exact one, maybe just the name-day.
Anyway, the party has already begun.
There are everybody, here, all of them were always there.
But, to be honest, they are not everybody at all.
Perhaps there will still be a tomorrow to celebrate, not forever, but maybe we can hope for more days like this.
If to give thanks, and more than ever to offer the right devotion and the sacred respect, we will be there too…

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