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Hunger stories for kids: the fable meanwhile

Stories and News No. 965

Saleh Saeed, head of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), says that in 2010, only seven years ago, shortly before the Arab Spring, there was an atmosphere of optimism in Yemen. Although it is one of the poorest countries of the Middle East, the economy was developing and emerging tourism industry was emerging, taking advantage of golden beaches, turquoise sea, breathtaking mountains, the UNESCO heritage sites and fascinating history. Today the horror and uncertainty are part of life. Statistics tell us that 14 million people suffer from hunger, while nearly 19 million (70% of the population) are in need of humanitarian assistance (to donate: DEC website).
Meanwhile, they have to survive...

Once upon a time there was a starving country.
Made so by war and poverty which are always everybody’s fault.

Unless the people of that country don’t aspire to become everybody’s people.
You know what I mean, right?
In the country that you already know for sure, there was a house.
Also hungry by war and poverty, that are really everybody’s accountability.
However just saying things it’s not enough to see righted wrongs and celebrated truth.
Otherwise words would be seriously magical.
Nevertheless, they know some trick too.
In fact, an equally undernourished family lived in the hungry house.
I said properly “lived”, since actually an only child was breathing and murmuring under the roof.
His name was Amell and honestly “murmuring” is simplistic and offensive to the gesture, let's say it in a loud voice.
He told a story to himself and those who have ears without understanding.
I mean the fable that his grandmother Jabel was first to narrate, the tale of an elderly woman who looked around and saw her son Dirar wounded in the leg, Kaya, her feverish, young daughter in law and her grandson Amell, surnamed “the witness”, who had two vices which he would never lose in his life: to listen very carefully the important things and be able to tell them where it would have been necessary.
The story said that the old grandmother, to face her family’s hunger, left the house and went in search of food.
Meanwhile the child told the story and he was precise because he had a good memory.
He well remembered the sequel.
The instant Kaya realized that maybe the mother-in-law was not coming back anymore, despite had hot head and trembling limbs, she left the bed and stood as a giant before the body’s evil, nourishing spirit and courage to leave home and find eat for all.
Meanwhile, the story went on, because Amell was stubborn and wanted to get to the end, because he did not like just sketched drawings.
Read as well as the ended too soon lives.
So, when Dirar didn’t see returning his mother and Kaya, he sat up with difficulty, grabbed the crutch like a sword and got out of the door in search of the missing food.
Meanwhile, the fable was not over.
Because once upon a time there was a starving country by war and poverty, that they are always everybody’s fault, though no one will ever pay the price.
In the hungry country there was an equally malnourished house, where a child was and is still living telling to himself that maybe, one day, everyone will return home.
Meanwhile, he is listening to everything very carefully and sooner or later.
He will tell us all...

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