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Immigrants stories for kids: walls explained to children

Stories and News No. 963

I read that most of those who attempt to climb the wall between Mexico and the United States will be arrested and sent back. The wall is nearly 18ft high and is topped by a one-meter blade.
However, that’s certain, if they’ll survive they will continue to try...

Once upon a time there was a planet.
A small one, great as a ground.

A large ground if seen up close and almost invisible to the naked eye, unless with an exceptional and free kind of instrument, called fantasy.
Two creatures lived on the ground of the little planet.
Two aliens, we would say.
Two friends, they used to say long ago, when both had a house and a garden to grow, animals to raise and water which to refresh the lips and life itself with.
The two lived side by side and you would have found it hard to figure out where it the fortune of the former ended and the latter’s began.
However, as it often happens, good luck proved to be less generous and, above all, less fair.
So, Lady Luck turned her back on one of the two.
Consequently, while the portion of land of one was flourishing and fruitful, the other turned out dry and dying.
The unfortunate alien decided to ask his friend for help, and the latter did not back down and offered his support.
He gave him a job and in return undertook to provide what he needed.
Inauspiciously the day came when the blessed alien became so accustomed to having someone else to work in his place that he began to fear the day when things would have changed unfavorably.
So, he decided to build a large warehouse next to his home and began to decline the reward for his friend, to fill the barn of all the rest.
Decrease one day and decrease the other, the hapless friend began to starve and to protest timidly.
Decrease the next day and decrease the day after that, the poor alien began to react vehemently.
So the favored by fate alien was frightened and at the same time became angry because he didn’t understand his reasons, considering him a thankless.
During the following night he couldn’t close his eyes and thinking of the now full barn he decided to put an end to relations with the former friend.
In fact, the next day, the latter found a very high wall between his land and the other's.
He was very disappointed and disheartened lifted his head toward the sky, witness of their life together.
Soon after, he went immediately on the wall and tried to climb over it, shouting loudly the old fellow's name.
No way, the wall was too high and too thick.
Only faint echoes reached the ears of the other alien, sitting at the table and greedily eating his food.
The ill-fated alien didn’t give up to reach at least the top of the wall, to be heard by the other.
Eventually he succeeded, but it was too late.
And despite his attempt to warn him, the lucky alien, his house and his precious warehouse were crushed by a giant meteorite...

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