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Love stories till it do us part

Stories and News No. 969

A young couple from Yemen, about to finally meet in the United States, risk to be divided because of Trump’s travel ban on immigration.
They fear to have only twenty four hours.
Nagi Ali e Arwa al-Abili have been separated by 9,000 miles and now are waiting for Thursday, when the ban will come into effect

Till death do us part, the verse says.
Yet it does not say it all.
Arwa says that forever is never promised by

No, it is not, she explains with her unfailing patience.
It may be so for inanimate things, since they depend on use’s fickleness and time’s caprice.
It could also be the same for animals, where natural selection will facilitate the existence and above all undervalued mutations will guarantee their survival.
Because - repeating never hurts, equality facilitates the journey, but only diversity save your life.
So, one of you could argue: as long as the fate do us part.
Nevertheless, this is an incomplete statement too.
Because destiny, the lord and master, which makes and breaks, proposes and erases is stuff for 'ever sitting' walkers, for lives born with a caul, and more than ever, a buttoned one.

The rest of us, Nagi says with pride, we cannot enjoy this luxury.
And, to be honest, we don't want it at all.
That’s the gift of those born on the cot’s edge, always at risk of falling over the uneven floor.
We must decide today, feeding it with the past, to write our future.
Because books with ready routes were sold for good and only the blank pages are left to us.
The defeats, certainly.
But also not yet told victories.
Well, you might ask just now: as long as life itself do us part?
Adding a polemical tone, if you prefer, and it would be understandable, given the determination of the above replies.
However, if they seem so to you, you have not yet had to personally deal with Arwa’s stubbornness.
Thousands of miles and free hatred, empty heads and filled with mud hearts, without empathy looks and dried up of humanity souls, impossible climbs and endless queues, invisible wounds and silent offenses, all the walls that basest fantasies could imagine, none of this has managed to arrest her.
Far from it.
Finally, here is the unexpected one, of course it is: as long as an idiot do us part.
It's true, we are not prepared to this, Nagi confesses.
Hungry monsters and evil ghosts? We know every countermove, Arwa confirms, but to face modern stupidity it takes a willingness to accept it as normal which, fortunately, we have not.
But we are learning that too.
Meanwhile, everywhere, we will be together.
As long as till it do us apart.
Our love

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