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Moral stories: the beaver’s lesson

Stories and News No. 971

The xenophobic populism’s defeat came in the recent elections in the Netherlands.
Dutch voters have turned their backs on extremism, perhaps demonstrating the beaver’s lesson...

"How strong should be the dam?" Asks the younger brother.

"As much and stronger than the river," the older replies.
"How strong is the river?"
"An old mountaineer proverb says..."
"Another maxim, bro?"
"Yes, another one, until they are valid."
"Go on, then, shoot, I'm all teeth."
"Ears, you mean."
"Forgive me, I’m tired of gnawing, complete your motto."
"I said, as an old proverb says, don’t ask how strong the river is, but rather..."
"I don’t remember the rest, sorry, blame the age."
"What age? You are just one year older than me. "
"Well, you are no longer a youngster too. In fact, is that molar on the lawn one of yours? "
"No, it's yours."
"Oops... anyway, we’ll do our best as always and if the river will be stronger, we’ll work harder, giving everything."
"Because the rivers don’t stop alone."
"And because we cannot much alone, but together..."
"Because it's easy to go over everything and everyone."
"And because it’s difficult to understand everything and everyone."
"Because, at the same time, it’s impossible to remain indifferent to everyone and everything."
"And because once you really understand who someone is, you cannot help but see him."
"Because nature gives us the trees and ignorance to burn them."
"But even the teeth to model and claws to weave them."
"It's easier to clear than draw."
"To push on, rather than embrace."
"Hurt is a gesture that needs an instant."
"And taking care of is a story that lasts as long as those who care and those who are cared for will live."
"It takes being careful to join the banks one other."
"And unremitting efforts."
"As it takes nothing at all to leave things as they are, at the mercy of what wipes out others’ lives."
"So we don’t need to know how much the river will be strong, right?"
"Well, if we knew before, it would not hurt..."
"Yes it is."
"But we'll never find out if we remain here to count how many teeth we have left."
"And combing the fur."
"Exactly, so no more talk."
"If it should come to rain?"
"An old proverb from the valleys says..."
"I get it, do as if I had not spoken, let’s work."
"Let’s work."

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