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Moral stories: Europe’s birthday

Stories and News No. 974

The treaty that officially gave birth to the European Economic Community is an international agreement which established the EEC, the forerunner of today's European Union.
It was signed on 25 March 1957 and tomorrow will turn sixty.
It is yet another birthday for the old continent, which is a mosaic of words and more or less pronounced lines on the map, loved and idealized, as detested and even hated, especially in the last decade.
A complicated design, so...

Europe is like a drawing.
And a drawing is like a child’s dream.

Who dreams of a drawing himself playing a game.
Serious and crucial hobbies are those lived by the beardless creatures of this world, despite the poor memory of the elderly ones.
The kid is sitting with crossed legs on the ground, in his bedroom.
The bowed head on the floor and the various forms called toys.
In other words, as the so-called adults define them.
You have noticed, right?
The main characters of the extraordinary wonder of playing healthy and explore fantasy rarely uses these words.
As if calling something a toy could made it suddenly devoid of magic, unable to fly or, at worst, to be anything beyond the limits of the eye.
While a blinded version of the latter, obsessed with the monitor’s glare and lying special effects, see only a jumble of objects without any reasonable combination, the child extends his gaze inspired by his still intact imagination.
There is a little, dented car and a puppet with a crooked leg, a pair of mismatched bricks and a handful of discolored animals, a robot with low batteries and a deflated ball, but still useful to the task, a piece of something that you do not what it is and another that you know it, but totally ignore where the rest is, and more.
The child looks at everything from above and start playing with confidence.
To put together and create.
To generate time and space.
Something was not there before.
To make sense of his project.
What was there at the very beginning.
He just needed to want it, really want to.
A complete design.
Often he will listen voices saying that the final work does not work, but the reasons the casual judges will find, they are actually good reason.
Because it was fine composed.
The drawing was imagined and built from above, yes it was, but that does not mean that the hands worked in a rush and without affection for each part.
The drawing is not yet finished and continues to change, but this is inevitable, as long as it is alive.
The drawing needs to be explained to those who did not play, and above all it must be defended at any price.
Because being there, on the floor, anyone could feel entitled to stomp and destroy it…

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