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Stories about animals in the zoo: Lucy and the cold

Stories and News No. 964

After 40 years of winter below zero at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in Alberta, Canada, the elephant Lucy was recently at the focal point of the debate on animal captivity.
Unfortunately, while debates are continuing in the world, the prisoners creatures of the latter trying to survive as they can...

My name is Lucy and I have a friend.
You know like the cold.

But that is not just a nickname for a very detached guy.
Indeed, he is too warm and affectionate.
However, these are only superficial descriptions of aspects taken for granted.
Consequences of a timely and tight hug as in a formal celebration between persons related only by name and by a paradoxical fondness.
A kind of Stockholm’s syndrome that’s good in both directions.
The Swedish friends, so they may call us, two foreigners in the north of the Americas, a tragic duo in an animal and inhuman show.
Those could be treated like synonymous, however there is nothing more wrong in this world.
I'm Lucy and the cold is also my best enemy.
In a dream picture, or a drawing of a still young and naive fantasy, he might reveal himself as a kind of giant white ghost, blowing unemotional and silent wind, but far away from me, incredibly happy since protected by the precious lines on the ideal world map and lighted by heat given from heaven.
Awakening from the most realistic nightmare of nature, projected directly by the eye of the one who believed himself to be the master and executioner, I open my eyes and I see him.
Spread all around, fair in his impersonal choice of victims and honest understanding the time when freeing the innocent one.
More than anything else, not guilty for the lack of interest and ambition in the inevitable aggression.
Of me.
Sorry, but I can’t hate the one who over time has tried to protect me.
Because it's trivial, I know, but the simplicity makes genial the action, where it is unique.
Because a frozen heart does not suffer any pain.
And because the white snow confuses the forms and delete colors.
At worst, you may disappear for good with it.
At the very best, you might become invisible.
You have no idea what I would give to exit the cruel framing.
Because, as a giraffe told me one day, blessed are the spiders, because humans have disgust and fear of them.
However, years later, I'm still here.
Along with the cold.
The only friend I ever had.
Among my many enemies…

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