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Stories of women's rights 2017

Stories and News No. 966

Today is the International Women's Day 2017...

See me.
Although I am a lot more than what you see.
Delete me.

Or at least, forget me.
If the use is unlawful or otherwise misleading.
However, approach me, if you have to, but to really understand what is hidden behind shapes and colors.
Admire me, I can’t certainly stop you.
But do it discreetly.
Dream of me, this is part of your freedom.
But do not blame me for your nightmares or insomnia.
Do not blame me at all, if you really want to do the right thing.
Put me there too, where each eye sooner or later ends up falling, but do not hurt me, in thought too.
Consider it just a beginning.
The anteroom of a first date.
And the morning that indicates the right path to a good day.
In the meantime, find the courage to open your heart and especially your brain, in addition to the eyes and all the other, overvalued senses.
Save me in your memory.
But to take care of the remembrance, never to abuse it, considering it as your own property.
Show your appreciation and do it gracefully.
But do not feel entitled to judge the only two dimensions that your naive imagination is able to draw.
Compare me with the mirages of the past.
And those of the future.
But learn to distinguish them from the present.
What vibrates and breathes beside you.
Nevertheless, do not trust the effect of the moment.
The perfect contours.
And the light without any kind of soul.
Because it is easy to pretend.
As much as believing the fiction is.
Trust me, rather, on what I can never give you.
All that you can only fall in love without ever fully understand.
Without touching nor seeing.
At the risk of disappointing.
With the ability to make you happy.
Because it is difficult to convince you at the dark.
As much as believing the truth is.
Namely, that I have never been a woman.
But only the image that you created...

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