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Stories to think about: What is war?

Stories and News No. 986 "There is a chance that we may end up having a big conflict with North Korea. Absolutely," US President told the press. "We would like to settle things diplomatically, but it is very difficult," he added. Once upon a time there was a story . The one we, the so-called adults, know best in the world. Because it is not true that peace is the easiest, most logical and understandable choice. Especially for those who are tormented by nightmares that are far from simple, guided by a not rational mind and do not consider knowledge of facts as a priority to decide the road. That’s the way war began the first time’s dawn. It always starts so, you know? Not with weapons and deadly shots, open wounds and a battle. It starts with fierce looks. And hissing expressions. Hostile gestures. And lack of courtesy. All the possible disadvantages in all presentable occasions. Then they come, the sharpest swords and the most dangerous hits. The

Stories about women: no bank for old ladies

Stories and News No. 985 Maria Félix is 116 years old, she is old enough to remember a lot of things, but too much to earn the card needed to receive her welfare every month. For the record, we are talking about 1,200 pesos, $63, about 58 euros. "I was told that the limit is 110 years..." Mary said, sitting in the courtyard of her small house in Guadalajara . Once upon a time there was a bank . A bank that is the world, if you think about it. The house that we built and where we went to, believing that it was the best, and above all, possible among the worlds. Well, being a world, it’s a wide and colorful space, where you can really be everything. All that matters to a bank, of course. To figure it out, let's start from the borders . An inseparable line, like every decisive and respectful wall, in the form of a counter that reveals the mere essential thing on both sides of the common living. That’s the only granted portion of humanity through the magical po

Migrants stories: who is the real clandestine?

Stories and News No. 984 About 2000 people from various indigenous groups gathered in the Brazilian capital to seek respect for their land , staging a protest that has led to clashes with the police in front of the Congress, considered to favor the rich corporations. Once upon a time there was a land . The land where we were born. Where we lived. Where we loved and hated. Where we built as many lives and written stories. Our stories, indeed, that’s an unquestionably truth, I am not talking at all about those postcards and magniloquent tales that strictly rained from above. There were once, them . The real heirs of colours and gifts, original sounds and shapes survived to legalized pollution. The forgotten inhabitants, the invisible people, the unwanted persons of all time. Embarrassing beings of the past for tomorrow's humanity as the most dangerous creatures for the framing’s thief, the lynching juggler to serve the rich of every era, capable of turning words fr

Italy liberation day 2017 and all missed conjugations

Stories and News No.983 Once upon a time there was a word . Its anniversary was celebrated every year. Since the instant when the same word was chosen as founding stone of the common home of a people. Nevertheless, History and, above all, stories teach that only one stone, though venerated and polished, glorified as a primal and symbol for all others, it is not the entire home. It's only the beginning. It's just a word. The words, more than ever, those capable of defining the present, tracing virtuous paths and guiding the creatures at least to a better landfall, they need life. Because since the one with the uppercase had to become flesh to be heard deeply down, the very human sets of letters, however swirling of high meanings, should become a verb . I am talking about action to write as many stories as possible, movement that raises the most indifferent among the deaf, legal apathies, a large, collective and magnetic march to attract souls at the most distant bor

Stories to think about: terrorism who how and why?

Stories and News No. 982 Terrorism is for those who want to scare, the very first one is trivial. No matter who he really is, why does not counts, only the effect does. Terrorism is useful to those who were already afraid, so now they feel less alone. Even in such a case they do not matter how or why , the feeling is priceless. Terrorism is the cure-all for the one who loves to be afraid and nothing more. Let us figure out the weight of who , how and why . Terrorism is good to those who are not afraid at all, but they see how it works. Above all, they knows the past history. The countless occasions where the show of death and violence, if bathed by the brightest lights, has a magical power. In a matter of seconds, it extends the looks, completely extinguishes intelligences that are already overwhelmed by an idiotic marathon at a low price and dissipates the courage of an entire society, which, like a tiny candle, finds itself at the mercy of the affected winds. Who , how

Love stories: world oldest person's son

Stories and News No. 981 Harold Fairweather , 97 years old , died yesterday in Duanvale, Jamaica, two days after his mother, Violet Brown , 117 years , was declared the oldest person in the world . A victorious final, in some ways... Mother. My dear mother, I know it's unexpected, I realize it. The rules of the living tale require something else. Timing is queen, as you have been in my heart and now for the whole world. Just in the matter of time, look as foolish as fate is. Sometimes it rewards and brings the daughter of such poor area of the planet to the highest podium, making here undisputed sovereign of the world’s wealthy myth, looking behind and seeing everyone else groping at painstaking steps or jumping in vain on the edge of sparkling cars. Nevertheless, the broken norm is quite another and I, just myself, am accountable for it. Mother. Please, dear mom, forget the unforeseen breach of the protocol, but I chose to leave the scene before the due. Before you

Stories to think about: friend or enemy?

Stories and News No. 980 Roberto Berinstain has lived in the US for 20 years , managing a restaurant with his wife, before being deported to Mexico this week. Although undocumented, the man had a Social Security number, driver's license, permission to work legally and no criminal record. Everything went according to the recently written script by the new US administration, other than the fact that Roberto's wife voted for Trump ... Once upon time there were friends . I hope the highest will control them, they used to say. Maybe because up there all is more evident. Distinguishing the wheat from the chaff. Among those who really shake hands with intention and those that draw on facial expressions cooked in due course. Among those who have such a hurry to embrace you rising doubts whether it is really an hug and those who did not need to get close to show you the best. The danger, as often happens, comes from above. So, how it was at the beginning and always will

Refugees Stories 2017: the world’s best place

Stories and News No. 979 There is a country in the world that has a record. It’s the most hospitable for refugees . “I found a second home,” some say. “I found the home I never had”, add others. “I have can get a work, education and health care as every citizen,” tell others. Hundreds of thousands are arrived, crossing the border. Coming from the less fortunate world, as always. On their journey they have not encountered stinging walls and rifles. Breakdown brains yelling nonsense and delusions, and horrid meat’s, emptied of empathy wrappers. They found present and future, the best medicine to heal the past, where it has been torn to shreds by present and the future of a few, forgetful of yesterday and the day before. There is a place on this earth that excels among the many. It treats refugees as human beings. By offering them shelter and rights, options and understanding. But the most surprising aspects are the disarming reasons of those who welcome. “We were also r

War Stories 2017: war vs war

Stories and News No. 978 At least 70 people were killed in northern Syria because of exposure to a toxic gas that survivors have attributed to warplanes. The attack was already publicly condemned all over the world, while Britain and the European Union have accused the Syrian government for the massacre. In particular, the US president Donald Trump has defined the murder an " heinous " act that " cannot be ignored by the civilized world ." Call me prejudiced, but the civilized world’s reactions disturb me almost as much as the heinous acts... Once upon a time there was ‘war against peace’. It’s the most famous and the most widespread. It’s the war, in short. It is a daily doing. The action that wounded. That erased lives and places. That created gaps of humanity and fulnesses of hateful. If you know it, you avoid that. If you really know it, you hate it. If you know it closely, you hate those who use it. But if you claim not to know it at all, lo