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Italy liberation day 2017 and all missed conjugations

Stories and News No.983

Once upon a time there was a word.
Its anniversary was celebrated every year.
Since the instant when the same word was chosen as founding stone of the common home of a people.

Nevertheless, History and, above all, stories teach that only one stone, though venerated and polished, glorified as a primal and symbol for all others, it is not the entire home.
It's only the beginning.
It's just a word.
The words, more than ever, those capable of defining the present, tracing virtuous paths and guiding the creatures at least to a better landfall, they need life.
Because since the one with the uppercase had to become flesh to be heard deeply down, the very human sets of letters, however swirling of high meanings, should become a verb.
I am talking about action to write as many stories as possible, movement that raises the most indifferent among the deaf, legal apathies, a large, collective and magnetic march to attract souls at the most distant borders, thanks to the most persuasive weapon in the world.
Read as well as the awareness of being in the same crew: we sail, we return to the ground with the full nets or we sink, all together.
If you need to counteract, among the most trivial examples, I offer the most abused term by the scribes of all time. The protagonists of fiction as the real actors of life both know that.
Love, deprived of coherent gestures, without the approach of more or less accelerated heartbeats, lacking the inevitable sacrifice of adored solitude and short of courage in denuding the latter on the opposite bank of own life, it is just a punch of five letters.
As many fingers unable to make sense of the precious gifts received, see touching, tightening, greeting and caressing.
There was once then in Italy, on the twenty-fifth day of April, a word.
An incredible day, of course.
An almost perfect drawing inside the album to be preserved with care.
An aged photograph, agreed but protected by the best glass, which exalts colours and attenuates wrinkles.
We perfectly learned to pronounce that very first story hint.
That noun introducing the incipit of an entire nation.
And we set it up with a sort of sacred ritual in the appropriate urn on the mandatory calendar.
However, as already written for the most indispensable among human feelings, the words that lay behind generations after generations and still others need to be continuously conjugated since the first day.
We already know what Liberation is, but it is just a word that we celebrate every year.
From tomorrow, or even without much anticipation, we should start once and for all to liberate everything we have never released at all, which we still hold as prisoners inside jails that we do not even care more about hiding.
Let’s liberate rights, because the page of our dullness and fears is still very long.
Let’s liberate victims, because the list of considered as minor citizens and the inflicted tortures on them in our country is infinite today.
Let’s liberate horizons, because the rift of a peaceful future in the heart of the so-called civilized world is even tapering.
Let's liberate, let's liberate them, let's liberate us.
Then, if we will, even without waiting for another year.
We will really have something to celebrate.

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