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Love stories: world oldest person's son

Stories and News No. 981

Harold Fairweather, 97 years old, died yesterday in Duanvale, Jamaica, two days after his mother, Violet Brown, 117 years, was declared the oldest person in the world.
A victorious final, in some ways...

My dear mother, I know it's unexpected, I realize it.

The rules of the living tale require something else.
Timing is queen, as you have been in my heart and now for the whole world.
Just in the matter of time, look as foolish as fate is.
Sometimes it rewards and brings the daughter of such poor area of the planet to the highest podium, making here undisputed sovereign of the world’s wealthy myth, looking behind and seeing everyone else groping at painstaking steps or jumping in vain on the edge of sparkling cars.
Nevertheless, the broken norm is quite another and I, just myself, am accountable for it.
Please, dear mom, forget the unforeseen breach of the protocol, but I chose to leave the scene before the due.
Before you, in short.
Because that is what you are or should be.
The precious, divine and at the same time maternal land where to blossom and sprout between light and heat.
The indispensable condition in order that the most underrated among miracles happened once again.
In one word, life.
Don’t cry, mom, but smile, instead.
Because this is the time to stretch your lips and arms to the youngest humanity, the least protected and guided, most vulnerable and least predictable part of our confused dancing company.
The message you’re spreading is holy.
We can win, from here too.
We can be on top of every rank even with little.
We can stir up envy in those who only feed the latter and give relief to the ones who, even today, have lost their hope.
Thank you for having surprised the unlucky creatures, demonstrating them that history can be rewritten at any time.
You might be alive or dead, you might leave the lights or shine beneath them, the result remains unchanged.
We win because you win, mother.
I won, with you, my soul.
Because walking away, I also smiled.
Because I was happy to be the son.
Of the oldest woman in the world…

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