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Refugees Stories 2017: the world’s best place

Stories and News No. 979

There is a country in the world that has a record.
It’s the most hospitable for refugees.
“I found a second home,” some say.
“I found the home I never had”, add others.

“I have can get a work, education and health care as every citizen,” tell others.
Hundreds of thousands are arrived, crossing the border.
Coming from the less fortunate world, as always.
On their journey they have not encountered stinging walls and rifles.
Breakdown brains yelling nonsense and delusions, and horrid meat’s, emptied of empathy wrappers.
They found present and future, the best medicine to heal the past, where it has been torn to shreds by present and the future of a few, forgetful of yesterday and the day before.
There is a place on this earth that excels among the many.
It treats refugees as human beings.
By offering them shelter and rights, options and understanding.
But the most surprising aspects are the disarming reasons of those who welcome.
“We were also refugees,” say some.
“They are us,” emphasize others.
“We are not rich,” clarify others, “but we will not certainly become putting to death the poor.”
Hundreds of thousands survive as well, thanks to the normalcy of living together.
Since, at the time that counts, nobody knows where the other came from.
Because, in the instant that is worth sharing, no one can see where the refuge ends and the desired world starts.
Because the refuge is the world.
Where the all desires.
Find refuge.
There is a nation that is at the top of the rankings.
Among those that, like ships flowing into the time to the common horizon, are carrying unexpected lives.
Read as well as the guests at already seated lords' dinner.
“They earn something from that,” tell some of the latter.
On the contrary, they divide land and crops.
“Maybe it's because they are not different as we do,” others will exclaim.
Not at all, because what makes them feel the same is universal and vital substance.
“Well, surely they don't fear the terrible consequences of their doing good,” others reply.
Yes, they probably don't, lucky them, you may think that as well.
There is a country, I said, that is the best.
For refugees from everywhere, because since the moment they arrive, they immediately cease to be.
You will not believe it.
This country.
Is called.

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