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Stories to think about: terrorism who how and why?

Stories and News No. 982

Terrorism is for those who want to scare, the very first one is trivial.
No matter who he really is, why does not counts, only the effect does.

Terrorism is useful to those who were already afraid, so now they feel less alone.
Even in such a case they do not matter how or why, the feeling is priceless.
Terrorism is the cure-all for the one who loves to be afraid and nothing more.
Let us figure out the weight of who, how and why.
Terrorism is good to those who are not afraid at all, but they see how it works.
Above all, they knows the past history.
The countless occasions where the show of death and violence, if bathed by the brightest lights, has a magical power.
In a matter of seconds, it extends the looks, completely extinguishes intelligences that are already overwhelmed by an idiotic marathon at a low price and dissipates the courage of an entire society, which, like a tiny candle, finds itself at the mercy of the affected winds.
Who, how and why are just forgotten imaginative words.
Terrorism is perfect for individuals craving to tell it, draw it and play it in every chord, and like the celebrated piper of the fairy tales, can lead the short-sighted eye creatures to the skirt, even if overlooked by an invincible, protected by invaluable walls, castle.
Ask who, try to say how, dare whispering why and you will instantly be the enemy.
Or even a terrorist.
Terrorism is the favorite art of them, the terrorists.
However, seriously strive to understand what is behind who, how and why and you won't find something beautiful, but the true monstrosity of this mischievous joke.
Terrorism is the utmost for those who never have questions but an unmistakable need for easy answers.
Woe to you, if you will try to ingratiate the horizon of such simplified souls or complicate their plot by drawing on who, how and why.
Terrorism is ideal for people that normally have a lot to say, but nothing sensitive, deeply profound, reasoned enough to have a bit of curiosity for who, how and why.
They need just an explosion, even a shot, at least a heart that stops, and if the condition is favorable, a family setting, not far away from the private emotional landing, and ignoring who, how and why they will bring on stage infinite processions of scattered phrases, free offenses and crazy proclamations, a cacophony of organized downwards delusions, and guided from above idiocrasies.
At the same time, somewhere behind the picture, there is great celebration, thanks to the martyrs.
Somewhere the immense farce is very much appreciated.
So, if you consider the human story from the very beginning, I assume you will agree that terrorism is good for many people.
Otherwise, if the culprit was one or little more, the end of the story would be easy for the muscular narrators and teachers of exemplary punishments.
Terrorism is normal for everyone except the dead and whoever weeps, we might even dare to say.
Because it is stuff sold and bought everywhere, since the world’s dawn.
It's now part of us.

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