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Stories to think about: What is war?

Stories and News No. 986

"There is a chance that we may end up having a big conflict with North Korea. Absolutely," US President told the press. "We would like to settle things diplomatically, but it is very difficult," he added.

Once upon a time there was a story.
The one we, the so-called adults, know best in the world.
Because it is not true that peace is the easiest, most logical and understandable choice.

Especially for those who are tormented by nightmares that are far from simple, guided by a not rational mind and do not consider knowledge of facts as a priority to decide the road.
That’s the way war began the first time’s dawn.
It always starts so, you know?
Not with weapons and deadly shots, open wounds and a battle.
It starts with fierce looks.
And hissing expressions.
Hostile gestures.
And lack of courtesy.
All the possible disadvantages in all presentable occasions.
Then they come, the sharpest swords and the most dangerous hits.
The words.
War begins each time with a sentence.
Often nothing original, sometimes new in form, but not intent.
The dull dance continues with the inevitable response of the interlocutor who waited for nothing but this.
The war, right.
The moment to be protagonist, dreamed every night by those who have no other way to feel alive.
It goes on, between a reply and the other, to warm the souls and pretend to do the same with their own hearts, nothing but frost, inert and indifferent frost.
The voice’s volume becomes dangerously high, the pages tremble under the weight of the litigants’ delusions and the audience turns out to be more and more slave of the crazy show.
As long as the headlines arrive.
It means that the script has finally found the producers, the director has his cast of protagonists and accompanying extras.
The movie can begin: shall the armies enter the scene.
The dark, black dressed lady came on the movie set. She did not have a sickle in his hand, but the clapperboard to start the shooting.
With a phenomenal distribution and reliance by bad news messengers, box office success is secured for the most eye-catching film in history.
Because even after the queues, the ending song rumbling from the speakers and the surviving spectators flowing out of the room with tears and outrage, deep thoughts and shame, terror and anger, good intentions and peaceful suggestions, that’s the time when the knowledgeable adult’s farce begins to play.
The clash is never over, then.
Yesterday and the first day yet.
War becomes “after war”, which truly means that as soon as possible, at best after, everything will be repeated.
Looks and gestures.
Scuffles and provocations.
Followed again by the words, according to script.
Injuries and intimidation, manifestations of arrogance or fear, difficult to distinguish, if you think about it.
The light of reason goes away, driven by an abominable thirst for oblivion.
The mad, blind projectionist takes the usual film out of the shelf and the screen restarts to burn in front of the crowded watchers, came for the story written on our disable memory with ink pen that we could naively call sympathetic.
Nonetheless, the naughty narration of “man kills man” does not erase itself after you read it.
It takes away also all that has been written and shouted in the days of wisdom, with the most sincere hopes and the best authority.
There was once a story, so.
It never stops to be told.
If we do not like it, there is no need to pretend that it does not exist.
We can only fight to live another one…

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