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War Stories 2017: war vs war

Stories and News No. 978

At least 70 people were killed in northern Syria because of exposure to a toxic gas that survivors have attributed to warplanes. The attack was already publicly condemned all over the world, while Britain and the European Union have accused the Syrian government for the massacre. In particular, the US president Donald Trump has defined the murder an "heinous" act that "cannot be ignored by the civilized world."
Call me prejudiced, but the civilized world’s reactions disturb me almost as much as the heinous acts...

Once upon a time there was ‘war against peace’.
It’s the most famous and the most widespread.
It’s the war, in short.

It is a daily doing.
The action that wounded.
That erased lives and places.
That created gaps of humanity and fulnesses of hateful.
If you know it, you avoid that.
If you really know it, you hate it.
If you know it closely, you hate those who use it.
But if you claim not to know it at all, look in the mirror and search for hands.
Something vivid and hot red is always reliable.
Once upon a time, then, there was ‘peace vs war’.
When dove challenged dagger.
Where the flower attempted to penetrate the terrible couple, insensitive armor and dull warrior’s skin, also known as the most uncivilized union among the modern relationships.
It's a cry that does not burn, they say.
That does not tickle the castle walls, beyond which the tyrant is lording.
They say even that somehow he gets benefit of that.
That drawn protests further invigorates the fragilities killer.
If you choose it, you must be patient.
If you choose it again tomorrow, you show to have something wrong in the brain.
If you choose till the end, you show to have something, lucky you.
But if you've never chosen in your entire life, you must lack something.
What you had, I say this without fear of making mistakes.
Because everyone was born with heart.
To make it beating in time with nature is the choice.
Once upon a time, finally, there was ‘war against war’.
It’s the most advantageous one today.
It’s the war of the just people.
Against the unjust war.
It’s the war, if you think about it.
The one that you know only when it starts.
Those who really know the end will not live to tell about it.
It’s the war that gives peace to those who do not live the war.
It’s the peace that gives war to those who can only dream about peace.
It’s the war that should stop itself and instead is only swallowing death and suffering, becoming biggest.
So, more just.
If you demand it, you're the one who is moved and indignant before the terror.
On the monitor.
If you demand it and press the start button, you are the one who is moved and indignant before the terror.
Under the spotlight.
If you demand it and rub your hands, you are the war.
Over there, somewhere, where nobody ever looks.
Since there was once you and, God damn you, you're still here.

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