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Diversity Stories of heroes, victims and terrorists

Stories and News No. 999

I waited, re-read the news and patiently waited, thinking and observing articles, comments, opinions and reactions.
Now, in not very suspicious times - or maybe yes, it always depends on the points of view, I am about to face the facts, which maybe some of you have lost.
Last Friday, Jeremy Joseph Christian killed two men with a knife on a train to Portland, USA, while another was seriously injured.
The three had intervened in defense of two young girls, insulted with anti-Islamic invectives by Christian.
Symbolic last name, don’t you think?
"You call it terrorism," the assassin exclaimed yesterday at the first court hearing. "I call it patriotism."
And how do you call it?

Once upon a time there was a story.
One of those sadly common and bitterly neglected.
An advice for often frustrated authors and dissatisfied and disappointed, hopeful writers.

The synopsis, my friends.
Synopsis is all.
It's the key to the wished contract signature, which promises fantastic, glittering books showcases and quintals of autographs to exhaust wrists and vanity.
Nevertheless, in such anxious and hasty times, even before the precious summary, the title makes a difference.
I am talking about the very first glimpse of possible, true love, the desirable blink of lightning, the faultless imprinting that prefaces the only path to success.
Let's try, then.
Let us try together to win the audience and, above all, the latter’s keeper: “Terrorist Christian Attack on a Portland train.”
So, let’s go with professional fanatics screaming, intolerant tweeting and irrational posts, punctually shared and then erased by his majesty FB.
No, huh?
Not even a joke, right?
Obviously, even the most skilled satire pushers have to sell, correct?
Okay, let's take another road: “The murderer is a 35-year-old White-American member of a CarcinogenicTerrorist Cell.
Well, come one with billions of pictures of the killer everywhere, with multiple arrests of each relative or more or less close friend, to find out how such hail of hate was born, to make it clear to the whole world that we will not be inert before the enemy.
Pure fantasy, is not that right?
Delirious at no cost, yes?
Because otherwise, inside this farsighted, civil society which we all belong to, only a few would remain free.
All right, let's move the camera on the tale’s noble side: “The victims are perfect citizens who courageously sacrificed their life to protect the weaker from racist madness.”
As a result, protest marches everywhere, picture profiles with the heroes images, square concerts to honour the brave men and rebellious patrols on the train against the ‘evil whites’.
Nothing about that, isn’t it?
Otherwise, it would be an everyday, necessary initiative, right? Because we all know that the exceptionality of the news is not yet another offense against uncomfortable religions and diversities, but the heroes.
So, even this time, let’s hide the facts, put them aside, move the spots elsewhere.
Here is the perfect title and the ideal synopsis: “Nothing new. Because nothing remarkable happened…”

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