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Environmental stories: We do not want to be right

Stories and News No. 991

The $ 3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline, that has sparked worldwide protests last year, is not yet fully operational and has already suffered a leak.
Exactly what was particularly feared by Standing Rock’s Sioux, among the first to report the risk of contaminating and thus devastating the environment.
Now, the usual, bitter and frustrated litany could come on stage, titled "I told you".
However, I like to think that the people of earth, proud to belong to the latter more than anything else, do not live in bitterness and frustration, waiting to enjoy the futile privilege of being able to boast some prophecy.
On the contrary, I imagine a strenuous, noble, dignified struggle till the end that nobody should want...

We do not want to be right.
We do not want to be able to say, tomorrow, that we were on the right side.

We would, rather, wish that you and us, together, could say it today and forever.
We do not want to be right about the absurdity of any choice that can somehow neglect the survival of the lives to come.
Because those who in the past fought, sometimes defeated, but often lost have already proven that.
Part of what we have comes for our ancestors.
What's not still been returned to us, it regards yours.
We do not want to be right about the evidence.
On the war that the father is doing to their own children.
To the children of them and every descent to come.
Since the hand violates the free living, flowing and breathing gift, that draws the boundaries of the wonders we dance on, the condemnation has already been written.
There, beyond the clouds of time, you may hear the warning from the same, future victims, involuntary judges of the father's wrongdoings.
We do not want to be right, because it would be like accepting the fate.
We could become complicit of the blind, crazy beauty’s devourer.
That's why we went to war.
That's why we unpacked the ax.
And that's why, although we are like ghosts who fled from an old black and white movie, where bad guys dressed up as good and everyone else has been tricked by bad guys, we're still in the battlefield.
Because now, even today, the only thing we have is at stake.
Maybe this is what the white man cannot quite understand.
Life and earth.
They are and will be forever.
The same thing…

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