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Migrants stories: viral news rules

Stories and News No. 997

More than 30 people have drowned beyond Libya, among them many children. About 200 have fallen from a boat carrying 500 to 700 passengers. Rescue ships are still looking for survivors.
It’s a disgrace that has become a habitual anecdote, confused and confusable in the global, media storytelling, which has its own personal rules.
Perhaps the negligible and neglected victims of this disturbing movie we are witnessing should also benefit from the modern, and especially viral, narrative formula.
Maybe, it will help us understand how much tragedies are connected one other and that the distance we ingenuously build within us, such as the one between heart and mind, is the main reason for our impotence...

There was another attack, ladies and gentlemen.
Once again terrorism hit us.
Once again, the good people's enemies have smashed our peace.

There were dead, otherwise we would not be here, now.
Some very young, further reason to be.
To join the pain.
And the right indignation.
No official claims have come, so far.
However, the dynamics seem unmistakable.
So we can say they did it.
The assassin waves.
The extremist cells that, with cruel flushes, interrupt innocent travelers journey.
Whether on the ground, or by sea, the result doesn’t change.
It should not, right?
Delicate souls have got the future erased for the sake of the world’s inhumanity and hate.
Is not that, the bitter subject which gives life to the multifaceted death show?
Don’t be distracted by those who only aim to make the scene more nebulous.
Maybe fantasizing suggestions or, worse, feel-good interpretations, saying that waves were not accountable for the vile lives murder.
They would tell you it was the wind to do it.
They will tell you that someone else is hiding behind it. A sort of malicious blower, from the lungs, and more than ever the belly full of hatred for human peoples.
Or even that, in spite of a mere casualty, particularly hostile to the most vulnerable hopes, there are down there, in the depths of the oceans, disturbing fishermen of grammarian destinies, who simply make their career to eat dead remains.
Kamikaze waves will not win.
Let's say this together, now.
They will not be able to influence our lifestyle.
Because, telling the truth, it was never a matter of style for us.
Only life.
We will continue to travel without fear in the suitcase.
Only in the eyes, sometimes, in front of the unpredictable horizon waiting for us, coloured with asphalt and metallic noises.
Terrorism will not stop us.
Because terrorism, and the answers that really hides, are what forces us to leave...

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