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Moral stories: Legitimate defense

Stories and News No. 989

From July 1 in Georgia, US, it seems that students will be able to enter the Campus with guns, as long as they hide them.
At the same time, in Italy, politicians are debating these days about possible amendments to the norm that legitimizes defense.
By synthesizing, the most important clash is between who want to extend the right to shoot at any alleged aggressor in conditions of justified fear or night, and who instead desire to further facilitate the firing against their nightmares up to the absolute freedom, typical wish of the screaming right-wing hordes.
Once again what we do not see, or must not see, dictate the route, see producers and sellers of weapons, the real directors and authors of this farce called security.
Maybe we should really start defending us...

Once upon a time there was the legitimate defense.
A sacred law, where danger requires it.
In the form of a comprehensible reaction.
Proportional to the offense.

But what if the latter becomes normal?
What happens to people when the offense itself is sanctioned by law?
From silence and ignorance?
From individuality and indifference?
From an unbridled passion for bad taste, cultivated since childhood?
And from a State miseducation to the simplest form of empathy?
It happens that you are scared.
You're scared and you do not know what is truly scaring you.
You just need someone to arrive and reassure you or pretend to do it.
Telling yourself what you must be afraid of.
Then, where unprofitable questions hide somewhere help requests, responses are weapons.
They shoot you when you listen to them.
You was not to aim and choose the target.
That's what advertising is about, it's the deception of the brochure, the clerk's makeup at the counter.
Because since you get the spitfire in your hands you're already dead and buried.
You're no longer a goal.
You are just another notch on the ring, another victim of hopeless hunters.
There was once, then, the true legitimate defense.
The forgone right, where the danger is not recognized.
In the form of a rare reaction.
Proportional to legalized offenses.
In order that, when it happens, you are surprised.
When a woman faces alone the shattering, peace’s chewing barbarians from the uninhabited skull.
When one of the survivors of the long-pressed buttons wars comes to get your attention.
When you decide, once and for all, to say things like they are, even at a cost that nobody will listen.
When there we finally courage to defend from ourselves.
From our ancestral cowardice disguised as civilized and moderate behavior.
From our habit to inhumanity.
From our addiction to the worst that is yet to happen, so rooted, to even commit ourselves to make it reaching us as soon as possible, so we may stop thinking about it.
We do not need guns and rifles to defend us.
Because, perhaps, we must first look into our face with honesty and intelligence.
And then tell us once and for all.
Who or what the enemy is...

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