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Moral stories: Trump and the bullying people

Stories and News No. 998

The video at the G7 when Trump sharply pushed at side Duško Marković, Montenegro's premier, is already viral around the world.
Well, the movie with a leader who stands out among his international colleagues for embarrassing actions or statements seems no new to me.
In any case, what stands out this time is the peculiarity of the improper gesture.
While the old Mister B. interpreted the role of the clown, in the same days when the Republican Greg Gianforte assaulted a Guardian reporter, the American president acts the bully character, doing the same with those who dare to stand between him and the best shot

Ladies and gentlemen, here they are, the bullying people.
They snarl and drool, scream and flush with anger, if they are not there.
On the front row, where the armchairs are more comfortable, where you and only you can put

questions, enjoying the privilege of not answering.
He is trendy, the man from the brain with biceps, the anabolic heart and the pumped soul, until the veins emerge. So you may see the blood and its uncontrollable flow, indifferent to any obstacle on the road, especially if you are sick of good intellect and great imagination. The worst couple for the short-sighted warrior with big hands, the most unavoidable union, the true banned marriage. Because where the propensity to knowledge of things joins, in a virtuous embrace, the art of drawing castles, strictly devoid of gravity, the ancient formula becomes invincible.
You cannot bully what you cannot grasp, in every sense.
You can only kill him, and history tells that, oh it does.
Therefore, it is not enough to remove the annoying presence with violence.
It must be done with clamor, under the chorus of flashes and microphones starving for transgression.
Everyone must see it, everyone must learn, and everyone should remember.
What can be done.
What it must be done.
Otherwise they will be left behind, saying nonsense and making ridiculously laugh, bragging with buddies of the vile actions and sharing hate for the others, those who do not need to bully the weaker, to make room in the world.
Here they are, then.
The people who used to bully and, necessarily, reject.
Because there is no peace in the chest for those who have no other way to stay in the saddle.
The speech is only, and ever, a war one, with different words, but the
lonely man's monologue doesn’t change.
It's the same from the beginning of time.
I am and you all, if you do not obey, are just enemies.
However, the game has its unchanged rules.
Try to raise your head.
And the leader will attack you.
Try to tell your ideas.
The leader will tender furthermore his arms.
Join your cry with all the others, and you will see, as it has already happened, the bully man losing balance and fall...

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