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Racism against Roma people story in Italy

Stories and News No. 990

Fire killed three sisters, respectively 4, 8 and 20, in a parked caravan on the outskirts of Rome. After discovered residual flammable liquid, Italy prosecutors are investigating with the accusation of voluntary homicide.
Up till now, many reactions from those who learn this horrible news may be relatively identical or very similar, unless we specify that we are talking about Roma people

Once upon a time there was a substance.
A liquid, but do not figure anything light or transparent comparable to its perfection the water.

Imagine an abnormal amount of such a mixture, a smelly mud, as a sea.
Indeed, an ocean.
Or, if you might visualize a greater and uglier mass, choose it, paint it in your mind.
In order that you fear it as what it is, so that you start to worry and work since the final word of this nasty story.
As an unspoken mass, ocean, sea, it also feeds on his cursed, more or less conscious, branches.
Damned rivers, which continuously flow, even now, everywhere, to the sick quest of joining others in this orgy of celebrated inhumanity.
Yes, because in the third millennium shame is a value and a value, if it is true, something to be ashamed of.
The sin is liquid, ladies and gentlemen, but it's not just some drop on the asphalt.
Let’s at least give the honour of frankness to three poor dead and all the other lives erased from the egoistic, common tale.
The terrible mixture is much wider.
It is fed with the bloody pens of people’s murderers, firing with ceaseless, criminal generalizations and discrimination, in the form of comfortable masks, which you can call politicians, journalists, reporters, editors, and more.
It swells through the phenomenal cowardice of creatures of infinitesimal stature, condemned by their ingenious ignorance to the illusion of getting away from their misery even for a second’s fraction, throwing the worst they have in the chest on the most fragile target on the screen.
Even at this precise moment, if you carefully listen, you will hear the frenetic typing on the keyboards of both categories, at the same pace as the heart beat that cannot stop being afraid of himself.
It is polluted by the silence, the stunning silence of the Sunday’s gooders and the paladins of the already-won causes, the tourists of the day-to-day awareness campaign and the protesters only if we’ll be many on the streets.
Let's face it, ok? Let's just say it once and for all: there are unlucky creatures kind, on this world, that you will only lose putting yourself on the line of fire. And only when you do such uncomfortable choice you can understand who is really with you, who seriously was before, and who will be there later, when the smell of the dead will be just a reminder.
There was once a liquid, then.
A flammable one, of course.
It seems to disappear when it catches fire.
But there is so much around us.
That we are literally swimming in...

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