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Racism stories for kids 2017: The Bogeyman’s son

Stories and News No. 995

"Are you bad?"
"No, I'm not, why do you say that?"
"Because at school the teacher read us a story

where bad kids were taken away by the Bogeyman and he is a black man. Why do you get them, Daddy, if you're not bad?"
"I do not get anyone, son, that's just a fairy tale..."
"But you have always told me that there are often more truths in the fables than in reality, right?"
"Yes, sure... you remember everything, huh?"
"I try. Am I bad too?"
"Not even for a dream, son, why do you ask that?"
"Dad, if bad children are taken away by the Bogeyman, the latter must be even worse than them. And if I am his son, that is, yours..."
"Listen to me now carefully. Your teacher has told you a story of one Boogeyman who takes away bad children, not everyone. Are the children all bad?"
"Not even all Boogeymen are, here it is."
"I get it. And what about the knight?"
"The black knight, he's always the bad guy, everybody knows that. I’m sorry for his children..."
"You're totally wrong, son, and I’ll prove it to you. You understand I'm not bad, right?"
"Yes, but I knew it already, I just wanted a confirmation..."
"Agree. Assured I'm not bad, if tomorrow the king came to me..."
"There is no longer the king, Dad."
"Let's pretend he is, okay? We're still talking about stories, aren’t we?"
"Then the king comes and makes me a knight. What do I become?"
"What do you become?"
"The Black Knight, that's what."
"And you're not bad, Dad!"
"So, what kind of black knight I will be?"
"A good one!"
"And I would be the good knight’s son."
"That’s right."
"You know, Daddy?"
"There would be more stories where black men and knights are good instead of bad, it would be all righter and fairer."
"I'm trying to do that, my dear son, you have no idea how much I’m working to tell them..."

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