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Stories to think about: robbers and robbed in Africa and the world

Stories and News No. 996

According to yet another international research, the world is robbing Africa's riches of billions of dollars a year. The main factors contributing to this inequality include, above all, the unfair payment of the debts by foreign corporations, which hide their income through tax evasion and corruption. Aisha Dodwell, a Global Justice Now’s activist, said: "There’s such a powerful narrative in western societies that Africa is poor and that it needs our help. This research shows that what African countries really need is for the rest of the world to stop systematically looting them."

Once upon a time there was a robber.
One of the old kind, who are born so and never cease to exist.
By vocation, or just following History’s order.
I’m talking about the great Story with the capital ‘s’, of course, that differently from the modest

initial letter's ones, where it tells lies, always does for a specific reason.
The robber was a robber and acted as such.
Therefore, as an inevitable consequence of his presence, we need space on the page for two more fundamental elements.
That’s really difficult without to understand what is really happening.
I am referring to the stolen goods, and above all, the robbed.
So far, the plot.
The only worthy of this name.
The first, original draft, loyal to what a careful eye and a clean consciousness would reveal a child too.
However, you know how it went and still goes.
The man who writes and tells the most important events, where the purpose is not art or a sincere affection for the listener, is an editor interested in sales before anything else.
Before the manuscript arrives, to be honest.
So the robber became an explorer.
But you can also read as merchant.
The stolen goods just goods.
And the robbed the savage.
There was once, then, a merchant explorer.
One of the old ones, which don’t really arise in such clothes, but once in the track they must dance.
The show has to go on and, above all, get a popular success.
The explorers, or merchants, behaved according to the script.
They left, came and discover, or took, everything they found.
It didn’t matter so much if someone else, long ago and without moving a foot from his own home, was able to stretch out a hand and grab all that.
Here is the real difference between one and the other.
The so-called savage appreciates things for what they are, the explorer, or merchant, for what they will be.
This is how water and nature’s fruits, from free wonders, become goods.
Nevertheless, the words and hand’s trick is now known.
It tore faces from the protagonists and paste them as comfortable masks.
Indeed, there once was a new robber.
A character, to be precise.
One of those of past times, which become so for astute demands from the director, in the form of alleged, popular acclamation.
The robber needed a reason to be believable in the common storytelling.
Thus, for this crucial role, was chosen the savage.
What a better candidate than who has nothing else anymore in his hands?
So, found the robber, other choices are logical for exclusion.
You need only the proper name to place them on the main scene at the right angle and more than ever to be sold everywhere.
Clear what once was the stolen goods, and write jobs and opportunities, futures and lands, homes and rights, benefits and privileges.
In short, what the man, now called a robber, wants back. And instead of the past one, just yesterday called explorer or merchant, you can put citizen and western, civilized and modern, owner and consumer.
But, above all, who in the today farce act as the robbed

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