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Stories to think about: the life you waste

Stories and News No. 1011 Tateh Lehbib Braica - aka " The crazy bottle guy ", had the idea of building circular homes with plastic waste that could protect from wind and sun. The news reached the headquarters of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Geneva, and the project was funded with 55,000 euros . It’s the misunderstood, and more than ever underestimated, magic of the rejected creatures on this planet. They’re drawing horizons with the latter’s crumbs...   Then you wonder why. Think about it, brother, it's easy to understand. Look at them, take a deep look. You have so much , but you throw away more . You used to see little , and yet you have everything before your eyes. Photo: Pablo Mediavilla Costa/El Pais However, you keep on asking, don’t you? Why are they going back? What causes them to insist? What is the secret of such endurance? Think about it, think of you. Turn your head, closed the foolish judgment’s eyes, and for a momen

US Mexico border wall stories: do you think it's crazy?

Stories and News No. 1010 I read that the first step towards the multi billionaire project has been made. Competing prototypes are challenging to realize the expensive Donald Trump’s wall on the border between Mexico and the United States. Building should begin in September, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency said . Do you think it’s crazy? That’s nothing, my friend. It seems that the most modern factories of the world's walls have come to the field. In a random order, maybe a bit shaky, I list in detail the various proposals, all avant-garde and especially aimed at preventing unacceptable climbing. As the motto on the official call’s text says, a crossable wall is a dead one . The first project involves the revolving wall , a stuff of a unique innovation, the very best for practicality, and nowadays it’s certainly not a matter of fact. Where the troublesome guy of not-so-white ethnicity is about to climb the futuristic wall, the latter will rotate exactl

World hunger stories in Africa to hide

Stories and News No. 1009 According to the United Nations, South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan in 2011, faces its "highest level of food insecurity." About 7.5 million persons , almost two-thirds of the population, need humanitarian help. In some areas, half the inhabitants are malnourished. "I buried my little baby under a bush," said Mary Cholil, who sought food and shelter after his village was burned, talking about his deceased three years old daughter. Quickly. I have to be quick before it's too late. Before I get used to the thing , and it will decide to stay. The thing , yes, I don’t have to give it a name, otherwise it gets familiar, close, mine. I cannot afford it, not now, not me. And what can I do? Here it is, I look at it for a moment, with strictly fixed-term feelings and thoughts. A woman burying an only three years life under a bush . Done. Now, fast, I take the picture and hide it. Where? There, down there, there&

Moral stories: When butterflies go away

Stories and News No. 1008 A recent British study , which may be valid for many other industrialized countries, points out the almost total disappearance of butterflies from the cities. What is causing this phenomenon? First of all, the growing decline in green areas , the climate change , and the growing pollution by motor vehicles. However, butterflies are special beings, a kind of universal indicator. Their disappearance warns us that many other creatures will soon follow the same exit path... When butterflies go away. When butterflies go away, the answer is simple, beyond the basic explanations. Because when butterflies go away, there is no place for them. The story writers of very important pages have refused their existence, and the filmmakers don’t even consider them for a silent walk-on, the painters have become selfie sellers, and the actors who declare eternal love on the scene have them not anymore in the stomach. So, when butterflies go away it means that every

World Refugee Day story at Mary’s Home

Stories and News No. 1007 Yesterday was the World Refugee Day and at Mary’s home the event was especially celebrated… "Dad," says Mary, six years old and many more freckles on her face, which one day will be the foundations of her beauty, "I've been good today." "Yes, dear..." reproaches the man, almost completely bald, the current foundation of his stress, rather than the inexorable passing time. Nonetheless, he seamlessly resumes the discussion with his wife and all relatives gathered for the occasion. Of course, it doesn’t concern the aforementioned recurrence, but a much more pressing argument, that is, what to do with the generous legacy left by the grandfathers. "I was good," Mary proudly says, "you know, mom?" "Well done..." she tells her, equally taken by the debate, that has also come to the precious, shared property. For the record, in addition to the child’s parents, those interested in the valuable

Climate change stories 2017: the dominant species

Stories and News No. 1006 Environmental news, as Arctic islands pollution and the consequences of global warming for nature and our cities , are becoming more and more unpleasant every day and, according to a dangerous media mechanism of addiction to topics requiring an attitude change, and a serious accountability, are increasingly confined to a neglected contour space. However, it’s not reality and all its urgencies to move away from us, but the opposite... They call it History , can you believe it? By studying, understanding and remembering it, right? I’m talking about ours, and all those who would have avoided it. The dominant species , so they call them, chiefly its richest leaders. Everything by blame, or cause, of an explosion, some claim. Everything thanks to a perfection of light and design, others trust. Depending on the point of view, just the fruit of a fortuitous or mischievous casualty, some others think. The result doesn’t change and this is the deceit c

Immigration stories: the Jus Soli’s tale

Stories and News No. 1005 I continue on my usual path in search of the perfect story to give the best picture of what is happening in the world today… Once upon a time there were them . The world’s patrols , or I should say the sky . With a neck perpetually anguished, forcing eyes and heart to see migrant invaders roaming from every cardinal point. Indomitable and stubborn creatures, committed to denounce the immense occupation of their personal History’s vision. "Damn swans ," they shouted with their throat flushed by liveliness, "go back to your nest." "Dirty ducks " burning others, "you are not like us." "Certainly," someone replied, "they are ducks..." "Buddy, are you in or what?" "What?" You know, dialogues were ever like that, simple and confused as the stupidest lies usually are. "Uncivil swallows ", many strung to bring common attention to the target, the only possible, &q

World hunger short stories: Every 35 seconds

Stories and News No. 1004 According to Save the Children , Yemen is now close to a total collapse and the simultaneous presence of almost famine and paralyzed infrastructures are driving the spread of cholera. In particular, a child is infected every thirty-five seconds ... Once upon a time there was a story. A short one, don’t worry. Indeed, what do we really have to worry about? It takes a little, believe me. Five minutes, six at the most. This is the time I've used to write it. Nothing, isn’t it? And when time is zero, what's the problem? Yes, seriously, what is it? Anyway, you’ll need less to read it. Two minutes, one and a half to be quick, just one for those with fast eye and easy brain. Which may also mean light , but without offense, trust me. Nothing personal. And why should we get angry, then? Do we really have to? Therefore, I chose a short story by definition, profiting of slim moments, which a large part of the recent, common screenplay is

Diversity stories for kids: rainbow ants

Stories and News No. 1003 Let’s divide us , this seems to be the best solution for the modern leaders to face the future. With Brexit, the UK has made deeper the sea separating it from the rest of Europe, and with Trump, the USA is increasingly moving away from everything and everyone, Catalonia dreams to divorce inside the Iberian common house and Qatar has just been expelled from the most exclusive Arab club in the world, just to name a few. Divide et Impera ( Divide and Rule ), said the famous Latin spell. However, in the global chaos of selfish interests and dullness disguised as urgent policies, it’s really hard to figure a mind characterized by a minimal lucidity guiding our wretched species... Once upon a time there where the rainbow ants . A fairy tale, yes, to tell and listen, that’s it. We talked about it at the Stories Circle last night, where everybody was almost drunk, but not for bad habitude or to cover up a heart torment. Just for imitation, not to be taken

Environment stories 2017: dreaming between US and Korea

Stories and News No. 1002 Here is the reign between the two paradoxical, at the same time mostly real, our illogical world’s extremes, which is equally irrationally still standing, despite everything. A leader who, with his mindless policies , is increasingly isolating himself, his country, and the whole humanity from the rest of the universe, and another who does the same thing plundering with missiles to provoke anger and fears in the former. There is, in the middle, a dream . A planet. I would only like to have a planet of simple measures and geometric shape, but not perfect, right? Something studied at school, plan from above and solid if you walked fast and curious on it. Yes, I’m talking about a planet inhabited by people with volatile heart and impulsive belly, but at the time of the need ready to step back. Because the reason is boring, that’s for sure, but it's the shiny eye that sees the pit on the street. And, at worse, that remembers the past fall. That i

Stories to think about: I know 2.0 version

Stories and News No. 1001 Inspired by the article “ Cos'è questo Golpe? Io so ” (What is this Coup? I know) by Pier Paolo Pasolini , Italian director, poet, writer and intellectual ... I know, 2.0 version. Therefore, in the most shared information age, we should upgrade the system. I know, we know, and, accordingly, you know. I know, we know, you know that on every attack by so-called evident Islamic terrorists , the horror show’s script is sold in the same way: terrorists always die, they get never captured alive, although papers and photos go instantly viral. It was a huge pity, because otherwise someone could have questioned them, to get answers, to seriously understand, and approach the mysterious truth. I know, we all know, and you know that the Islamic world is a meaningless expression, not like Catholics or Jews see it, that every Muslim can live his belief in his own way and he has no right or authority to stand up representing one billion and eight hundred mill

Poverty stories: Hildur and Souley

Stories and News No. 1000 According to a recent report by Save The Children , End of Childhood , 168 million children are forced to work and every day more than 16,000 under 5 years die due to illnesses that would be cured with ease. In addition, the quality of life ranking for minors indicates Norway 's as best country, while the last place is for Niger , where children are constantly at risk of losing their lives. Norway and Niger , the two sides of a burning candle on one side, but this time it's the bottom, the upside-down, hidden part where we rarely look... Hildur is five years old. Souley too. Hildur is a child. Also Souley , but life is strange, isn’t it? Almost like stories, right? Hildur closes his eyes and dreams of things. Souley dreams, period. Hildur looks at his continent from the north, or above. Souley looks at the world neither from south nor below. Because his world is all there, before him, made of visions and hopes, however naïve. Hildu