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Climate change stories 2017: the dominant species

Stories and News No. 1006

Environmental news, as Arctic islands pollution and the consequences of global warming for nature and our cities, are becoming more and more unpleasant every day and, according to a dangerous media mechanism of addiction to topics requiring an attitude change, and a serious accountability, are increasingly confined to a neglected contour space.
However, it’s not reality and all its urgencies to move away from us, but the opposite...

They call it History, can you believe it?
By studying, understanding and remembering it, right?
I’m talking about ours, and all those who would have avoided it.
The dominant species, so they call them, chiefly its richest leaders.

Everything by blame, or cause, of an explosion, some claim.
Everything thanks to a perfection of light and design, others trust.
Depending on the point of view, just the fruit of a fortuitous or mischievous casualty, some others think.
The result doesn’t change and this is the deceit concealed in the gift.
For the above species, except all the others.
They call it evolution, can you realize it?
A supposed trip from small to big, worst to best, bottom to the top.
Through a humble, realistic lens, from here to there.
A fast pace with anxiety in the chest, low reason and sunshine in the eyes, like when you try to reach the shore by approaching a hot, crowded beach with no precious flip flops.
Nevertheless, the journey was the reverse, as sacred texts knowingly tell.
The sea is not big enough, though it almost covers the whole place? Then, the very first, ancestors animals of the future nature’s masters moved to pursue the dry life’s surface.
From that moment on, the stories were written with different inks and distinct vocabulary, but the final was common to all.
Let's move, let's go, let's get away from here.
They called it exploration, some.
Conquest, others, with less formality.
Stupid, destructive madness, said the most deceived.
By land or sea, at the top of the world or inside its most jealous breasts, creatures predestined to the government of things have never found home, peace, and agreement.
Read as well as the wonderful, simple and congenital harmony with the universe of the dominated species.
They call it natural selection, can you see it as normal?
Could you find it rational that the characters of a story, practically perfect in the synopsis as in the
first subject, are themselves to erase the same phrases and adjectives, rhetorical figures and entire paragraphs that keep them alive?
Finally, they call it technology civilization.
Digital in relationships as in content.
The recent, maybe the last, dimension which to transfer daily life in, with the illusion to bring aspirations and feelings too.
They call it, finally, humanity, even today.
Can you understand this paradox?
Because if you look at her as any other creatures, at any moment of her journey, you will see only a confused, presumptuous crowd of escaping lives...

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