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Moral stories: When butterflies go away

Stories and News No. 1008

A recent British study, which may be valid for many other industrialized countries, points out the almost total disappearance of butterflies from the cities.
What is causing this phenomenon? First of all, the growing decline in green areas, the climate change, and the growing pollution by motor vehicles.
However, butterflies are special beings, a kind of universal indicator.
Their disappearance warns us that many other creatures will soon follow the same exit path...

When butterflies go away.
When butterflies go away, the answer is simple, beyond the basic explanations.
Because when butterflies go away, there is no place for them.

The story writers of very important pages have refused their existence, and the filmmakers don’t even consider them for a silent walk-on, the painters have become selfie sellers, and the actors who declare eternal love on the scene have them not anymore in the stomach.
So, when butterflies go away it means that everybody no longer needs them.
In other words, what they have to offer has become superfluous, quite wrong, maybe naive. Think of focusing all the attention that the whole figure requires on the most underrated of living wonders.
Wings, yes.
Though large and colorful, harmonious and fair, these are stuff already seen, would say the running, but not flying, newbie.
Indeed, when butterflies go away, no one seems to notice it.
Understandable, in fact.
More than that is lost and confused in the frustration of the pressed keys and rattling engines.
It was just negligible and neglected dust, an informal mass of time’s trifles, erased by laziness or chance from distracted hearts. Because I've got it all here, in the big images folder.
Consequently, do you remember the butterflies?
What? Hum, yes... wait a minute, I just turn on the PC or the cell phone, that’s faster too.
Well, if the whole story was come this point, the butterflies have disappeared long ago.
Then we should fix it like that.
When butterflies went away.
When butterflies went away, we would have to stop everything, starting with them, but remembering the old rules, when we were children.
Do not touch the wings, even delicately, otherwise the magic ends.
Do not approach vehemently, their heart is tiny and frail, despite the indisputable courage all the time they've been here.
And then there was nothing left to do than stand still, waiting for the miracle of a meeting that was once normal.
We might try to stop running like crazies in the gray roads we call world.
Maybe they will return…

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