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Poverty stories: Hildur and Souley

Stories and News No. 1000

According to a recent report by Save The Children, End of Childhood, 168 million children are forced to work and every day more than 16,000 under 5 years die due to illnesses that would be cured with ease.
In addition, the quality of life ranking for minors indicates Norway's as best country, while the last place is for Niger, where children are constantly at risk of losing their lives.
Norway and Niger, the two sides of a burning candle on one side, but this time it's the bottom, the upside-down, hidden part where we rarely look...

Hildur is five years old.
Souley too.
Hildur is a child.

Also Souley, but life is strange, isn’t it?
Almost like stories, right?
Hildur closes his eyes and dreams of things.
Souley dreams, period.
Hildur looks at his continent from the north, or above.
Souley looks at the world neither from south nor below.
Because his world is all there, before him, made of visions and hopes, however naïve.
Hildur plays.
Souley plays.
Well, if we could stay here forever, thanks to a propitious and magnanimous light’s speed that occurs only for the power of freezing stories, or timely perfections thieves.
Would not it all be easier?
Hildur will grow, thanks to a congenital, good fortune.
Thanks to a rare mischance, Souley might get over next year.
But let’s cross our fingers and touch iron or wood, depending on the meridian which we read their lives from.
Hildur may become anyone.
Souley is already one of the many, too many nobody who will remain so.
As the unnamed faces on tears and donations catching pictures.
However, let us consider that their common narrative found the same reception by fate, at least in terms of space.
Then let’s see the two paths unfolding on the way to the horizon that everyone is waiting for.
Hildur is a man, over there.
So Souley, despite a blinded eye from the borders sellers could mistake him for someone else.
Hildur has a fate, then.
Souley too, but different, even if it's not already said, right?
Otherwise, what is the best way to live our often terrible but sometimes wonderful story?
Let’s close our eyes, then, and imagine that common future.
Where Hildur shrinks under the burdens of unjustified fools and fears, and in vain pushes Souley back to his woe past.
And where, on the contrary, it is Souley to disturb Hildur's placid dreams.
Since he was also overwhelmed by the same, miserable luggage of unjustified fools and fears.
Let’s lift our eyelids now and look at them for what they are.
Hildur and Souley.
Two, or just one fate, it doesn’t count.
Because their future, ours, the only possible, it will be both.
Or no one.

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