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Stories to think about: I know 2.0 version

Stories and News No. 1001

Inspired by the article “Cos'รจ questo Golpe? Io so” (What is this Coup? I know) by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italian director, poet, writer and intellectual...

I know, 2.0 version.
Therefore, in the most shared information age, we should upgrade the system.
I know, we know, and, accordingly, you know.

I know, we know, you know that on every attack by so-called evident Islamic terrorists, the horror show’s script is sold in the same way: terrorists always die, they get never captured alive, although papers and photos go instantly viral.
It was a huge pity, because otherwise someone could have questioned them, to get answers, to seriously understand, and approach the mysterious truth.
I know, we all know, and you know that the Islamic world is a meaningless expression, not like Catholics or Jews see it, that every Muslim can live his belief in his own way and he has no right or authority to stand up representing one billion and eight hundred million people, each of them facing his faith according to the personal interpretation of the Koran.
On the other hand, in everyday reality is it not the same for other religions, regardless of what the latter demand? How many Christians and Jews in the world follow literally what their faith predicts?
In fact, in this regard, I know, we know and you know that if the assassination attempt is made by someone who claims to believe in a God who is not Allah, terrorism has no evidence. Indeed, it is no longer defined so and, most of the time, the mind who killed is stored as crazy.
You also saw that, didn’t you?
That is why I know, we know and you know that for the hundreds of people killed every day what really makes the difference is how the story is told, by whom, and what interests is behind.
So, for only mere logic, I know, we know, and you too, that after every attack, those who are usually referred to as the problem, namely immigrants and Islamists, are the first to pay the consequences, between more restrictive policies and more legalized discrimination, justified intolerance and a reduction in human rights.
Mechanism that is somewhat paradoxical, if you think about it, because for sure they didn’t live happily before. These migrants seem to be so masochists, don’t you agree?
At the same time, thanks to the pure fact-finding, I know, we know and you must know that the very first, and perhaps the only ones, to earn something from the aggressions in the so defined free world are the most xenophobic and racist political parties and leaders. But then some doubt must inevitably be seen in the less used to asking questions brains, right? One at random on the complicated and discussed mechanism which the entire show of death and fear is based on.
According to that, I know, we know and you know that this terrible story, daily narrated and spotted, is based solely on the well-founded allegations of evil villains and cruel organizations, with slogans and masks that change at the same pace with governments and leaders, pay attention.
Without naming it, some of you have wondered why nobody speaks any more about the one before, I know who, we know what and you know when.
Timing is all in the modern world.
With no coincidence, I know, we know and you know that generally the attacks take place and become more frequent in the countries that have elections or crucial decisions coming soon, where discussions and fights between the parties focus on what? I know, we know and you know the answer: immigration and the usual Islamic terrorism, what else?
As already mentioned, who will gain consents the next day? Who has already won in the past in the same way. Who would have no argument if there were no deaths on one side and enemies to be accused.
Then, if we wanted to say it all, we could add that I know, we know and you know that the totality of the more nationalistic and right-wing coalitions of the so-called Western world have somehow links and receive support from a great country in the east Europe.
Will it be yet another coincidence? And, moreover, can coincidences make sense in a mortal and global war where billions of euros are at stake?
We should not forget.
We cannot do it, as I know, we know and you know that to fight the so-called Islamic terrorism in the last few decades, some leaders have literally invented, and put up under the world eyes, bloody “Peace Wars” that have donated destruction and endless dead to entire populations. In the sense that, even today, they are still trying to survive between that same destruction or die, at the end.
It's the sense of modern times, I think.
In the past century, the great intellectual with sublime and noble courage used to say: “I know, but I have no proof.”
Today, the farce is so evident, that regardless of the role in the society, I know, we know and you know for sure that what mass media are telling us as true is completely without proof.

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