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Stories to think about: the life you waste

Stories and News No. 1011

Tateh Lehbib Braica - aka "The crazy bottle guy", had the idea of building circular homes with plastic waste that could protect from wind and sun. The news reached the headquarters of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Geneva, and the project was funded with 55,000 euros.
It’s the misunderstood, and more than ever underestimated, magic of the rejected creatures on this planet.
They’re drawing horizons with the latter’s crumbs...

Then you wonder why.
Think about it, brother, it's easy to understand.
Look at them, take a deep look.
You have so much, but you throw away more.
You used to see little, and yet you have everything before your eyes.
Photo: Pablo Mediavilla Costa/El Pais
However, you keep on asking, don’t you?
Why are they going back?
What causes them to insist?
What is the secret of such endurance?
Think about it, think of you.
Turn your head, closed the foolish judgment’s eyes, and for a moment watch the miracle with your heart.
The dreams sorting from the modest prince and unstoppable ambition.
Imagine, imagine us.
When the time you burned through “I would” and “I could” becomes every fraction of a second we breathe.
And where the food and the water that didn’t find space in the acrid stomach, fill the plate of a whole generation, in the ghost kingdom of the missed possibilities.
The day you snatched yourself minimal hopes and noble needs from your chest, that is, the only baggage of the unwavering, treacherous traveler.
The rest of the story is logical transmutation, my friend.
Hand in hand’s trip of precious invisibility.
Like a soul that moves in search of the body that will accept it without ignoring it.
Because the land you mistreated sooner or later will leave you and will be granted to those who will appreciate it, and the sea waves will finally understand who among us is offering life and death.
Then you ask yourself how it could be possible.
Remember, instead, remember why it's simple.
The sons, my dear companions of the journey from the opposite directions.
Ours and your children.
You give a very few to the world, yet, when their time comes to claim love and listen, they seem so much more than you.
Well, during the rest of the time it’s so normal to us that the future might be wider than the past.
The opposite is the caption of a blind alley or a wasted life.
Nevertheless you find it the most uncivil among the habitudes, filling the world of vagaries and desires.
Then you said to ignore it.
It's obvious, lucky humans.
It’s evident.
The world built on nothing, which rejects all, will leave space to the one surviving at all, using everything

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