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US Mexico border wall stories: do you think it's crazy?

Stories and News No. 1010

I read that the first step towards the multi billionaire project has been made. Competing prototypes are challenging to realize the expensive Donald Trump’s wall on the border between Mexico and the United States. Building should begin in September, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency said.

Do you think it’s crazy?
That’s nothing, my friend.
It seems that the most modern factories of the world's walls have come to the field.
In a random order, maybe a bit shaky, I list in detail the various proposals, all avant-garde and

especially aimed at preventing unacceptable climbing.
As the motto on the official call’s text says, a crossable wall is a dead one.
The first project involves the revolving wall, a stuff of a unique innovation, the very best for practicality, and nowadays it’s certainly not a matter of fact.
Where the troublesome guy of not-so-white ethnicity is about to climb the futuristic wall, the latter will rotate exactly one hundred and eighty degrees, reversing the intruder's path.
Consequently, the petty one will migrate to the opposite towards his native country, unaware of going to deprive of work, women and future his own fellow citizens.
If he will then decide to come back, wrong convinced of returning to his country – verily penetrating for the second time into the land of (private) opportunities, he will find himself unknowingly again in his own country, to tell his companions: "Buddies, you know what? America is not so different from here."
A useful deterrent, in short, hoping the trick will not ever be discovered.
Do you think it’s crazy? Listen to this, then.
The second project is the sorting wall, freely inspired by the famous saga of the English magician.
As the celeb hat did, once the clandestine will try to overcome the barrier he will immediately be subjected to the interrogation, in order to be moved in the consistent, respective wing of the castle.
Like the famous novels that cleverly blend magic and school life - where one and only one of the houses is cool, let's just say it, here, too, there is a single chance to reach the free (of hating you) world.
As for lucky numbers to find in cereal packages, you never win.
However, even being perfectly aware of everything, no one is able to stop two very specific categories: the naive victims of the world's lies and the desperate ones who persist in wanting to survive.
The worst paradox of history is where the former are the first to hurl against the latter...
Do you think it’s crazy? Well, it's not finished, almost.
The third and last project is the black wall. This is a beta product not yet experienced and not even testable.
Indeed, like the equivalent space hole, no one has the faintest idea, also the creators, where
immigrants would end once crossed the border.
Who cares? It seems to have said the twitting president by the self-styling, vermeil foliage.
Nevertheless, it’s always a risky way.
Let go for other dimensions, fiery stars, hells planets, and hostile alien communities, but if the migrant materialized just where he was headed?
Can you imagine the bad effects on surveys during the mid-term elections, if he might appear in the midst of a crowded and sharp convention by pro-gun loyalists?
Do you think it’s crazy?
Do you really believe the story is so much crazier than the news?

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