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World hunger short stories: Every 35 seconds

Stories and News No. 1004

According to Save the Children, Yemen is now close to a total collapse and the simultaneous presence of almost famine and paralyzed infrastructures are driving the spread of cholera.
In particular, a child is infected every thirty-five seconds...

Once upon a time there was a story.
A short one, don’t worry.
Indeed, what do we really have to worry about?
It takes a little, believe me.
Five minutes, six at the most.

This is the time I've used to write it.
Nothing, isn’t it?
And when time is zero, what's the problem?
Yes, seriously, what is it?
Anyway, you’ll need less to read it.
Two minutes, one and a half to be quick, just one for those with fast eye and easy brain. Which may also mean light, but without offense, trust me.
Nothing personal.
And why should we get angry, then?
Do we really have to?
Therefore, I chose a short story by definition, profiting of slim moments, which a large part of the recent, common screenplay is made of, right?
The time to turn on PC, laptop or phone, expecting the usual screen equipment, and the foreseeable, annoying updates.
What a toss, but negligent stuff, am I wrong? Don’t you agree?
And then here is the time of the messages and the versus ones, which are not the answers, that would give a meaning to the social storytelling, but a perpetual, delusional alternation of mini-monologues by solitudes disguised as friends.
Nevertheless, a few bunch of seconds, isn’t it?
Nothing unbearable.
Because of low weight, okay?
So, now, what we do?
Yes, what about the time left?
Well, right, let’s randomly give like’s and smiles around, depending on the mood.
But, above all, let’s share everything that at best suits us closer.
At worst, exactly the opposite, and who has seen a lot knows perfectly that there is no end to it.
By the way, the deal must be respected, the curtain waits for the promised favor, because no one really gains something in hiding the horror inside the belly, not even the elegant drapes that dazzle the stage.
There was finally, once and never again, this time.
Five minutes, at most six to fill the sheet, at least a couple to read it all.
Or at the same time, from three to ten children hit by the aforementioned disease.
For good luck, this story is over.
Because these are just words behind a glass, they don’t hurt.
There is nothing to be afraid, can you agree?
So, from now on, we have all the time to do something else.
And forget it…

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