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Summer Break 2017

Stories and News is going to take a break. Before leaving you with the most popular tales from September to now, I wanted to share a hope. I wish, on my return, to come up with good reasons for being here, to write and read. I still think, every day more, that listening and telling stories, emotions, thoughts, and anything else passes us through, should be a fundamental time, an extraordinary gift, absolutely not to be wasted. Thanks for your attention. Have a happy summer. Ale 1. Paralympics stories of courage: the parallel silent victories 2. Human rights stories: Future’s victories 3. Moral stories: Legitimate defense 4. Child labor stories 2017: the monster's legs 5. Women's stories: Miriam's last Mother’s Day 6. Hunger stories for kids: the fable meanwhile 7. Immigrants stories: worlds and borders 8. Environmental stories: We do not want to be right 9. Women's roles in fairy tales 10. Stories about life: Nicholas Green's tale Read more T

Diversity stories about nature

Stories and News No. 1017 Sometimes it happens. It turns out that a photo became viral , that is, in the long run, look , look carefully , share , like , and tag . A lioness that nurses a leopard puppy , tells the caption. "I don’t understand the clamor," the mother tells the unexpected child. "I can’t understand what you're saying," the latter replies, interrupting the binge for just a second, because this is what it is, nothing more, the time that vain, human complications deserve. Nevertheless, despite the unusual spread of the picture, and innumerable as vain wars of poisonous words and hostile looks, unpleasant gestures and brutal as virtual assemblages - even before they become real fights, the undervalued normality’s dance goes on a daily basis, even at this very moment. Just close your eyes and turn off the timid anti-life software that the “inoperative” system has imposed on you to install. Can you see what I see? Even with semantic division

World hunger stories the world ignores

Stories and News No. 1016 A recent survey by the International Rescue Committee reveals that 85% of Americans, the richest country in the world’s inhabitants, aren’t aware of millions people literally starving to death among Africa and the Middle East . We are happy day finders . A simple one, if you want. We wake up in the morning with half-eyed eyes and we mix each other between the running hours. Because, after all, there isn’t so much to see, you know? Small is the horizon, because that's the screen. Too much is more than the maximum permitted inches in an average size hand that should lift the world. It has to be light . It should be as the air conditioning refreshing face and heart. Lightweight too. It should never betrays the intellect, not used to complications. Lightweight , as well. We are the worshipers of the surface of things . Because touching means ever being on the verge of , and watching , soon forgetting . That's how the skinny, brown ch

Climate change stories: the golden toad’s tale

Stories and News No. 1015 Once upon a time there was the golden toad ’s tale. That is, its conclusion. More than ever, in these burning times, where a giant iceberg , twice size of Luxembourg, has recently been broken in the Antarctic Peninsula, ahead of the now unavoidable climate change ’s bills we’ll have to pay in the coming decades, and the contextual need to tell positive examples too, inside the chronic, nowadays aptitude. Let's now take a leap in the past, reading in reverse the pages, coming back to the beginning of the story. So, we are in 1967 and the herpetologist Jay Mathers Savage , a reptile and amphibian researcher, is located in central Costa Rica, precisely Tilarán's cordillera. "Can you see that, too?" Savage says, whose name means he’s so far from being intimidated by the brutality of the most unspoiled nature. "Boss," a comrade exclaims, "a nugget! We found the gold, we are rich, we found the gold..." "But it’s

Moral stories: of many G’s and protests

Stories and News No. 1014 Once upon a time there was the G20 . But also the G8 and the G7, all possible and manageable G’s. Even the G1 , which is the most credible synthesis, that is, a single, compact grumbling of dull power unable to look beyond the current stock market response. That's old story, isn’t it? Yet it repeats, but doesn’t change, do you agree? Basically, I mean. Scripts and jokes are ever the same, come on. You can hire (elect) new actors (leaders) every time, but the show of the privileged, colonialist, most polluting, warlords and exploiters of the world (the most industrialized countries), it’s identical. Except for newer wigs and more or less eccentric behaviors, the movie review is unchanged. He said this, he replied this other, they disagree, he offended that other, the latter replied, everyone apologized, because they were misunderstood and the nothingness on what is most pressing for the majority of terrestrial creatures is on the plate. Do you

Peace stories: future guilty

Stories and News No. 1013 These days, the High Court chaired by Sir John Chilcot heard the conclusion of the Iraq War Inquiry , which accused the former Prime Minister Tony Blair . In particular, in a concurrent interview, Chilcot said that Blair himself - just as a lawyer and skilled in convincing others - about his country's participation in the conflict was not entirely straight. We don’t yet know how the investigation will continue, what will be the consequences, however, there are already good reasons to consider that mission disastrous, as well as many similar. If it will also be judged as criminal, time will tell us. Yes, time and the alleged, authoritative live narrator, who mutes rulings and adjectives with the non-chalance of a hasty, superficial chronicler. A guilty one… Once upon a time there was the innocent until proven otherwise . Ignoring the facts, until a disadvantageous phone tapping came out. Accountable for them, but times were different, isn’t it?

Stories about life: legal invasions

Stories and News No. 1012 Two Afghan girls refused visas to the United States during a competition on robot construction. The story emerged as it was linked to the current US temporarily ban against six Muslim-majority countries, although Afghanistan is not among them. Nonetheless, the robot has been welcomed, except for the two young creators. I think that is the synthesis of our increasingly paradoxical society... We are invading people. We are by nature. We are also because that’s what History says, where the body lied. Nevertheless, we are also an incredibly raidable species. Despite the media’s and subtly interested storytelling 's manipulations , the demonstration is clear, as a simple fairy tale, good for infants as well. Every day, now, even at this precise moment, we let us invade by useless words, scrambled and misleading expressions. We have let them occupy our brain and heart, as if it were the same thing, childish lying easy to break by the first intell