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Diversity stories about nature

Stories and News No. 1017

Sometimes it happens.
It turns out that a photo became viral, that is, in the long run, look, look carefully, share, like, and tag.
A lioness that nurses a leopard puppy, tells the caption.

"I don’t understand the clamor," the mother tells the unexpected child.
"I can’t understand what you're saying," the latter replies, interrupting the binge for just a second, because this is what it is, nothing more, the time that vain, human complications deserve.
Nevertheless, despite the unusual spread of the picture, and innumerable as vain wars of poisonous words and hostile looks, unpleasant gestures and brutal as virtual assemblages - even before they become real fights, the undervalued normality’s dance goes on a daily basis, even at this very moment.
Just close your eyes and turn off the timid anti-life software that the “inoperative” system has imposed on you to install.
Can you see what I see?
Even with semantic divisions and chromatic delusions, the different souls attract and meet each other everywhere.
It’s all blood and screams on the main window which is arrogantly open on our digital horizon, but the world is not just that.
In the latter, right now, there are people who shake hands, despite what the epidermis suggested.
Others are hugging, incredibly, yes, though their cults are struggling to look at one another through their divine interpretations.
Some are even knowing each other, giving up appalling smartphones and apps. Indeed, using the third millennium’s true magic - vintage method that’s never fashionable, they have got the courage to follow what the antiquated spell says: I speak, you listen, then you talk and I'm all ears, then we’ll start from the beginning, until they have inevitably become something better.
There are those who have chosen to read as much as possible to understand the others, even before meeting them. And there are others who are doing the same thing with themselves, even before crossing the home threshold.
Because the boundaries, all the boundaries on earth, are always passed by one person at a time.
And every time it's like the world was resetting.
Because this is what we are, billions of possible beginnings, not the opposite, for us and even for entire peoples, who cannot even get into a sentence thought for years, let alone a free day-to-day commentary.
Then here comes the perfect picture, in the midst of a
wilderness sea, and we suddenly feel good.
"I don’t understand them," the improvised mother states.
"I can’t understand you," the puppy says again.
Well, it’s clear.
Considering its age, it might speak a bit of Leopardish, let alone the Lionish.
But it's not a problem at all, this is just one of the billions of differences that brings them together.
Because, if you look closely, a moment before you’ll open your eyes again, you will see that the diversity of nature is not at all extraordinary.
It's just natural.

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