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Moral stories: of many G’s and protests

Stories and News No. 1014

Once upon a time there was the G20.
But also the G8 and the G7, all possible and manageable G’s.
Even the G1, which is the most credible synthesis, that is, a single, compact grumbling of dull power unable to look beyond the current stock market response.

That's old story, isn’t it?
Yet it repeats, but doesn’t change, do you agree?
Basically, I mean.
Scripts and jokes are ever the same, come on.
You can hire (elect) new actors (leaders) every time, but the show of the privileged, colonialist, most polluting, warlords and exploiters of the world (the most industrialized countries), it’s identical.
Except for newer wigs and more or less eccentric behaviors, the movie review is unchanged.
He said this, he replied this other, they disagree, he offended that other, the latter replied, everyone apologized, because they were misunderstood and the nothingness on what is most pressing for the majority of terrestrial creatures is on the plate.
Do you really believe that what comes out as a concrete result has not been agreed before?
Do you really think that such governmental artists (presidents), perennially advised - so to speak, from their respective entertainment agencies (multinationals interested, banks and money funds) need to step on the stage to decide on the parts of the real show?
Because it's obvious that the real story goes on behind the curtain scene, is not that right?
Nevertheless, the farce has started and runs smoothly without any surprises.
In short, on the unattainable screen, the stars pretend to talk, while the protesters fight with the armed protuberances of the former.
It's already seen stuff, right?
So, there was once what was missing.
What is indispensable, the only way of salvation, for the vast majority of the planet, remained outside the theater.
There were once, then, the g with the lowercase letter.
The g of all the others, foreigners and unemployed, women and young people, children and every human being who care about the fate of the earth and its inhabitants.
We have nothing else to do now.
That's the first thing to fight for.
You will see, on the day of such a global encounter, how they will come to the streets to protest.
The G20...

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