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Peace stories: future guilty

Stories and News No. 1013

These days, the High Court chaired by Sir John Chilcot heard the conclusion of the Iraq War Inquiry, which accused the former Prime Minister Tony Blair. In particular, in a concurrent interview, Chilcot said that Blair himself - just as a lawyer and skilled in convincing others - about his country's participation in the conflict was not entirely straight.
We don’t yet know how the investigation will continue, what will be the consequences, however, there are already good reasons to consider that mission disastrous, as well as many similar. If it will also be judged as criminal, time will tell us.
Yes, time and the alleged, authoritative live narrator, who mutes rulings and adjectives with the non-chalance of a hasty, superficial chronicler.
A guilty one…

Once upon a time there was the innocent until proven otherwise.
Ignoring the facts, until a disadvantageous phone tapping came out.
Accountable for them, but times were different, isn’t it?
You cannot judge the past, some say, because you cannot change it.
But you can listen to it.
The swish of the yellowed pages that suffocates under the weight of a confused present, seem to rumble, at a very first glance.
It sounds like astride ravings spoken in a dead language, if you relate it to the simultaneous chatter which, within a click, we condemn the fate of whole peoples with.
However, if you can just tilt the digital hourglass, you could follow the accusing finger that accuses the usual, peaceful coexistence’s serial killer.
The direction doesn’t change, and identifying the

actual transposition on contemporary history is not so arduous.
You just have to arm yourself with a bit of social geometry, a hint of arithmetic of civil rights, and a pinch of human logic.
Then, the game is easy, as the consequent plea that I send to whom will survive us.
Blessed are the connoisseurs of late truths.
Because they will know the names of whom will have to respond about the disappearance into the waves of entire generations.
Those indefensible defendants, of course, but also their vulgar accomplices of low level, at every depth of the instrumental lies sea where they’re impunity swimming in.
Blessed, future friends, because you’ll be able to look in the faces of those who have signed the deadly, unwise proposals. And with them, you’ll have the ability to recognize the supporters of blind action without worrying about the after.
Blessed are the people who will read the tomorrow confessions, which will prove that perhaps today something has been good at.
And they will be alert for the new future, or maybe not, seeing what happened before, now, yesterday, in the third millennium and all the past centuries.
For this reason, please, humans on the horizon, if science fiction has brought something to the point, so that we can gain time and life, turn around and scream those names.
The future guilty.
Or today ones…

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