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Stories about life: legal invasions

Stories and News No. 1012

Two Afghan girls refused visas to the United States during a competition on robot construction. The story emerged as it was linked to the current US temporarily ban against six Muslim-majority countries, although Afghanistan is not among them.
Nonetheless, the robot has been welcomed, except for the two young creators.
I think that is the synthesis of our increasingly paradoxical society...

We are invading people.
We are by nature.
We are also because that’s what History says, where the body lied.
Nevertheless, we are also an incredibly raidable species.

Despite the media’s and subtly interested storytelling's manipulations, the demonstration is clear, as a simple fairy tale, good for infants as well.
Every day, now, even at this precise moment, we let us invade by useless words, scrambled and misleading expressions.
We have let them occupy our brain and heart, as if it were the same thing, childish lying easy to break by the first intellect’s wind.
But we like it, since everybody do that, isn’t it?
Why getting along on the asphalt's tail?
We don’t want to stay alone, because we’re afraid of silence almost as we ourselves.
So let’s fill houses and time of machines, period.
They're all just that, you know? But you see?
What about the accessories? Can you miss them?
And what about accessories of accessories?
However, if only one of them breaks down, it's all worth buying everything again, am I wrong?
So, come on, let’s open doors, let’s build non-existent frontiers for the future, coloring jingles and small buttons on the horizon called screen.
Everything for the eyes, my lady.
Only for your eyes, my dear man.
Because that's what we do.
We fill every corner of our vision, just enough to be viral, providing it did not sting with contours, unless the shares will go down, but in such a case don’t worry, close your eyes and dream.
The only true moment of freedom you have is not yours.
The unconscious will take advantage of it and will try again, every night it screams and fights like an amazing stage actor, or a narrator obsessed with the already lost battles, since he cannot help but build satire against the so-called civil life’s absurdity.
Damn awake, wretched hurry, let the sky ban the banal tomorrow, because the next day the silent invasion will continue.
The collapse of one centimeter after another in front of the invisible hordes of human rights and environmental violations.
It goes ahead inside us, at every moment we seal mouths and consciences in front of the ruthless act.
We let ourselves penetrate from the garbage we incessantly produce, between lungs and  stomach, ears and memories, in a mad recycling that's too small to be disposed of.
It’s the premature death of a world we dreamed of, the one we are giving space.
But we are smart, right? We come before them, the other humans.
Well, maybe that's right.
We cannot get them in.
Because inside of us, now.
There is no place anymore…

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