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There was once nothing

Stories and News No. 1028 A Rohingya refugee ship is sunk. More than 60 deaths are reported , although numbers are not yet official. According to the United Nations Migration Agency , they were trying to escape persecution in Myanmar, when the ship capsized. We are nothing . Sure, that's it. Believe us at least now, look at us. As if we were really here. Consider all the elections, think about Germany, reflect on the right way of common thinking and see what happened on the left one of the country. It's right there that people voted against us. People watch as the bodies of Rohingya refugees are prepared for a funeral near Cox’s Bazar. Photograph: Damir Sagolj/Reuters The nothingness . For fear. Of emptiness . Even if it is a region where we are less present. Can you understand the craziness of that? Because we are nothing . And suddenly we become everything . It's a weird kind of magic, isn’t it? That is, an ambiguous sort of spell that bewitches you

International Day of Nonviolence 2017 video

N ew video from Storytellers for Peace . This time it's for the International Day of Non-Violence , also Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Could storytelling share and support non-violence? Storytellers for Peace tell stories in their original language ( with English subtitles ). “ Storytellers for Peace ” is an international network of narrators who create collective stories through videos. Artists and stories are from all over the world and speak about peace, justice, equality and human rights. All participants tell one or more verses of the story in their first language. The project was created and is coordinated by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, storyteller, stage actor and director. Website : Facebook :

Climate change stories: when the water rises

Stories and News No. 1027 The International Monetary Fund has called on the richest countries to help poor nations tackling climate change - which they’re often the original accountable ones, otherwise, weaker global growth and higher migration flows will be inevitable. Meanwhile, in places such as Bangladesh , nature laws lose their mind and upset families and homes. The door is air, the ceiling is sky and the floor is water...   Let's watch it together, the temporarily stolen picture. Chintan looks back over the boundaries of the latter and is rightly concerned. Mom of all and everything, Dhara , continues undaunted to deal with nourishing affections and hopes. Her older daughter, Sati , is studying her mother, studying as a mother, studying how to face the fate. The little one, Ahir , is also staring at the world beyond the deformed side of the mirror, as his older sister Padma too. Nevertheless, different moods and light are woven into their gaze. Chintan h

Women's right to drive and fly in Saudi Arabia

Stories and News No. 1026 I read that the Saudi ruler's decision to allow women to drive is a turning point in a society where roles have long been rigidly and far from being equally distributed. Inevitably, the comprehensible resizing of the alleged conquest will spontaneously arise, concerning the road that is still to be done realizing a modern idea of equal opportunities. That’s a mirage not only in Saudi Arabia, isn’t it? Nevertheless, in a tough and hard journey, the path to the sighing goal must count on the partial successes, which summed up one by one as bright dots in the darkest sky, represent the true road... I. Yes but… I can. Okay, but... I can drive. Certainly you can, however... However, before you take breathe and steal time and page, I start and look for the horizon still to fill. With one eye on tomorrow, the dreamed oasis, on the shore touched just within my imagination. At the same time, the other half of my heart rejoices, staring at the miss

The many faces of the forgetful humanity

Stories and News No. 1025 Here it is, humanity . Here is one of its faces, that is masks . Here are all of them, spread a lot on as many faces of schizophrenic souls, changing with illogical cynicism from one extreme to the other of a slippery morality. Look and see. Look at The Lady . The Nobel Peace Prize , the Human Rights and Nonviolence ’s paladin, the woman who fought the worst offenders, the legalized ones. Look at Aung San Suu Kyi , and see how she contradicts herself and every principle that has made her a symbol of the whole world, showing an insensitivity worthy of the worst politician before the sufferings of the Rohingya , an unlucky minority imprisoned inside a brutal majority. Do you think it's all accidental? Do you think it's just an amazing paradox? It would be nice, always paradoxically, obviously, because that’s a well-reputed and repetitive plot in the script of the so-called upper species. Look, in fact, and see. Look at the millions of dec

Play read and sing

Stories and News No. 1024 According to a recent report by Unicef, 25% of children in developing countries do not have the opportunity to play, sing or read with their parents, most of them unavailable by roughly tireless working hours. Playing, singing and reading together with the ones who have put you in the world is something that is often rare even in the most industrialized, rich and modern nations, despite time and chances being many. However, depriving of that a human being, since the very first years of life, makes another with some voids that somehow he will have to fill as well as quite the contrary… Take away and see. Erase and hope. Turn it off and wait. Back and forth, like a dance stealing life or lighting it up. Right and duty of each soul at the start of the journey. The magic of a hand that could create and destroy, without any guarantee of eternity. Take the game away from anyone who would have all the seriousness of the world to appreciate it and respect

Trump UN speech in front of the mirror

Stories and News No. 1023 A large part of the first speech given by the US President to the United Nations is everywhere on the news. Nevertheless, we are all human. The debut before the UN audience, heavily crowded for the occasion, would shake their legs to anyone, even if skilled in hiding the thrill. To prove that, here is a “faithful” storytelling of what happened in the presidential actor's room, in front of the oldest friend, maybe the only one for whom is perpetually forced to conceal himself behind a mask. The inseparable, silent and revealing mirror... Here we are. Let’s do it, Donny , it's your turn. Enjoy it, enjoy every second of it. Who would have ever said that, uh? I still cannot believe it. If they told me that ten years ago, I would have called them crazy. That's right, it's a mad thing and it's all mine. It's the world to be out of control and I take advantage of it. Calm down, Don , stay calm. Don’t laugh, I recommend it.

The need for terrorism

Stories and News No. 1022 Here I am. Here we are. It's right there that I try to see myself. Exactly at that spot where I imagine the many. Now, at the very moment I write. Just when we know little or nothing. Instant that will be almost identical at the end of the story, despite the words will have been totally blown out, and the most bloody images will have entirely covered eyes and virtual homes, monitors and even negligible memory portions. Of course, the bomb is there. Of course, the victims deceased or just wounded too, otherwise we would not be here, right now. That is, at best, the reason would be far less sad, and I suppose many people would have preferred not to widen their curiosity’s window on yet another hell’s spark on the favorable side of the world. Nevertheless, more than anything else, there is the familiar scene. Explosion, murdered or endangered lives, and the latter, the friendly environment. You know, the bitter blend is ideal to instantly ca

On the mid-chocolate planet

Stories and News No. 1021 The world's chocolate industry is accountable for shocking deforestation in West Africa . The largest producers on the planet buy illegally cultivated cocoa in protected areas, particularly Ivory Coast , where rainforest has been reduced by more than 80% since 1960 . Once upon a time there was a split in half planet. Well, the above half was smaller, much smaller. Maybe because it was up in the stylish attic with a view of the luckiest horizon? In fact, I should have said two different half, that is, not exactly half , you know? So much for me and so much for you, equal to both, and so on, but in this case we should admit that the story itself is wrong. However, there would be no need to write the right one, you know? Coming back to the point, the half that half was not, but let's pretend it did, it was entirely made up of chocolate. Dark for sharpest bites or milk for tender teeth, chili for the brave palates or sushi for the fools, you

Stories about how racism is taught

Stories and News No. 1020 We weren't  born racist, because, since we were kids, we’re taught to discriminate on the basis of the origins and, often and willingly, the skin colour, not only at school, but everywhere, in each plausible, influenced way . With Arithmetic : Hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, and more victims are approximated by default, down to zero value, in inverse proportion to the distance from our country of birth. In short, the more the dead are far from us and the less significant on the balance of our empathy. At the same time, one life lost by one of our fellow citizens is worth hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, and more lives beyond the boundaries of our ID. With Geography : You can say and write immigrant, illegal, foreign, stranger, in short diverse , and yet, although all of the following could at least be into one of the above categories, there is no imagination that might figure the blue eyes of a Swedish, the red hair of an Irish lady, the bl

Climate Change stories: the effects people

Stories and News No. 1019 Once upon a time there were the people of the effects . You could add without cause , but it was deleted during the editing time. Because that’s how they do. What confuses them, forcing them to face questions, should be banned instantly, eliminated on the spot. In fact, they always go around with an eraser in their hands, and the keyboard key they prefer is obviously Del . They are used to easy words and concepts since they were kids. I’m talking about highly digestible food for modern-day minds, Ikea models, with thoughts and designs that even a child could assemble or disassemble. Therefore, there is no place in their brain for the reasons of world. Take, for example, that thing of climate change , their words. Apart from the fact that amongst all the unenviable causes, that’s perhaps the one that nowadays most requires a personal accountability - and it would be enough to condemn it to exile from their vocabulary, ignoring it, they’re at the sa

Letter to future “migrants”

Stories and News No. 1018 Dear you, There, beyond the limits of our senseless existence, go on. Don’t give up, please, resist. You're not alone, you know? You're not alone in this story or history . So many people have shared your unlucky destiny. You may count also poor , women , homosexuals , Jews , slaves , Native Americans , farmers , and all the children of an uncomfortable, though lesser God, who were sacrificed at the altar as easy lambs. The person who is writing lives in a time where migrants have got this infamous role. Yes, I know, now you're going to be angry and you're right. It’s not the destiny neither the role to be bad, but those who dare making in your behalf. They impose on you their plagued and cruel delusions as if it were unquestionable truth from the sky. Nevertheless, everybody knows that the latter gives just rain and snow, even lightning, miraculously comets and falling stars. On the contrary, the burning dullness of the heart,