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Climate Change stories: the effects people

Stories and News No. 1019

Once upon a time there were the people of the effects.
You could add without cause, but it was deleted during the editing time.
Because that’s how they do.
What confuses them, forcing them to face questions, should be banned instantly, eliminated on the spot.

In fact, they always go around with an eraser in their hands, and the keyboard key they prefer is obviously Del.
They are used to easy words and concepts since they were kids.
I’m talking about highly digestible food for modern-day minds, Ikea models, with thoughts and designs that even a child could assemble or disassemble.
Therefore, there is no place in their brain for the reasons of world.
Take, for example, that thing of climate change, their words.
Apart from the fact that amongst all the unenviable causes, that’s perhaps the one that nowadays most requires a personal accountability - and it would be enough to condemn it to exile from their vocabulary, ignoring it, they’re at the same time able to give paradoxical and tragicomic speeches.
So, every occurrence is a consequence with no motive. Increasingly devastating hurricanes, drought and famine, human migrations, rising sea levels, the disappearance of lakes and rivers, the sunken seasons, the day-to-day extinction of animal and vegetable species, each of these terrible events, all happen, period.
That’s right, they’ve got an easy period, quick to write it a second before any possible doubt.
Enough with any reasonable kind of the latter from the horizon, as well as the questions that pointed a finger on them.
Stop with the streets that require a new soul and the solutions that involve excuses by the old one.
It’s easy, therefore, to figure out the typical day of the average individual, free of the explanations for living.
Everything is certain.
The sun rises and is granted, like drinking flowing water and the light obeying the presumed master, the artificial warmth or cold if the body pretends them, and, above all, the car. Yes, their faithful friend, that is, the infantile monster who sucks directly at the earth’s breasts, to run as far away as possible from what remains of the conscience.
Now, everything becomes more understandable, doesn’t it?
It's easy to understand the choice of the pretest, comfortable enemy, right?
Because that's what they like more, the people of the effects.
Where they’re forced to identify a cause for one of the latter that mostly disturb them, they choose exactly according to their primitive logic.
Well, what’s the best guilty than the other side of the moon, the people of causes, or those who cannot help but ignore the effects, since they paid them by their own lives?
So, there were once the effects and the causes people.
Born to coexist on the same planet.
Like plant and seed, they are parts of the same life cycle.
But, since the world began, only those who have the seed in their pockets will see the new dawn.

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