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Play read and sing

Stories and News No. 1024

According to a recent report by Unicef, 25% of children in developing countries do not have the opportunity to play, sing or read with their parents, most of them unavailable by roughly tireless working hours.
Playing, singing and reading together with the ones who have put you in the world is something that is often rare even in the most industrialized, rich and modern nations, despite time and chances being many.
However, depriving of that a human being, since the very first years of life, makes another with some voids that somehow he will have to fill as well as quite the contrary…

Take away and see.
Erase and hope.
Turn it off and wait.
Back and forth, like a dance stealing life or lighting it up.
Right and duty of each soul at the start of the journey.
The magic of a hand that could create and destroy, without any guarantee of eternity.
Take the game away from anyone who would have all the seriousness of the world to appreciate it and respect it, and you will see. You will see someone who will have no consideration for any supposed concreteness of your life, because he could never give it a delicate form in his own mind.

Erase the stories spoken by the perfect voice, which will remain so on the time when the fragile heroes of the happy days will lose their special powers, especially in those instants, more than ever after, and hope. Hope that there will not be a time when the innocent victims of such a lack, ignoring the vital difference between reality and illusion, they will confuse the most dangerous fear seller for a harmless, bold narrator.
Turn the voice off that tracks notes and chest vibrations as if they were the demonstration, once they have been reached, that it could be more than just a short happiness, and wait. Wait out of time creatures, with useless, empty scores to occupy the heart, unable to recognize the simplest harmonies at the mere sound’s touch.
At the same time, everywhere, for those who seem to be deceived or those who are all still to save.
Donate and look.
Tell and goes back.
Turn on and trust.
Donate a game to those who possess the innate vocabulary to literally translate it and the colours to revive it, even in the eyes of those who have stopped seeing the very best, or the sense of a light hour as much a second and a face loosened in a smile, and look. Look how it would have been and it still will be.
Tell everything, with honesty and frankness, showing for the morality of the fairy tale the same consideration as you have for the secret word of your bank account, and goes back. Take a step back and let the imagination of your most valuable spectator grow in every direction and sizeable figure. You’ll find evidence in the extraordinary stuff surviving on earth.
Finally, turn on the natural amplifier of the verses and the refrains that unite common affections and memories, let the false note appear on the surface, because that’s what they are, superfluous nuances unable to weaken the loving chorus, and trust. Please, trust that the melody will defeat any suffering, every anger, and each kind of wrinkle.
Because this wonderful game of singing and reading the life of others is the only humanity we still have...

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