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Stories about how racism is taught

Stories and News No. 1020

We weren't  born racist, because, since we were kids, we’re taught to discriminate on the basis of the origins and, often and willingly, the skin colour, not only at school, but everywhere, in each plausible, influenced way.

With Arithmetic:
Hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, and more victims are approximated by default, down to zero value, in inverse proportion to the distance from our country of birth. In short, the more the dead

are far from us and the less significant on the balance of our empathy. At the same time, one life lost by one of our fellow citizens is worth hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, and more lives beyond the boundaries of our ID.

With Geography:
You can say and write immigrant, illegal, foreign, stranger, in short diverse, and yet, although all of the following could at least be into one of the above categories, there is no imagination that might figure the blue eyes of a Swedish, the red hair of an Irish lady, the blond one of a German, or the pale skin of a Norwegian.
We just need to close our eyes and the above-mentioned definitions evoke a definite and unique image of a human being, the easiest to draw and blame.
I think you know who I’m speaking about.

With logic, that is, the adapted version of If... Then..., Else or Otherwise... formula:
If a crime was committed by an immigrant, then, there are too many of them, they are all criminals, the fault is in their religion, etc.
Otherwise, if the crime was made by an accepted, canonic citizen, the offense is only alleged, there are holes in the versions of the victims, meanwhile, let’s publish and share some fake news of other immigrant felonies, even without sources, there is always time to rectify…

With storytelling:
Once upon a time there was an absurd story about a strange country, with a great number of illiterates, where a few books are read, where people get informed on Facebook and WhatsApp, incredibly male chauvinist and individualist, capable to divide on everything, where corruption and lack of meritocracy are spread everywhere, a country where it’s so easy to elect politicians who don’t respect women and laws, but… where the problems of the safety come from immigration.
Yes, I know, this should be funny, unless it is taken for granted and not just a crazy fairy tale…

We weren't born racist, we become so since our childhood, that’s the way we have being educated.
So, no one should feel good.
There is no distinction between good and bad, not in this, not today.
If you really want to change, you should start accepting it, as a first, indispensable and propaedeutic step: I am racist.
Secondly, I have to face who are my masters, past and present.
Third, no less important, I must understand what are the subjects and rules of this dirty, continuous lesson…

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